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About Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a profound experience of relaxation.

At the surface of the pose, there's a lack of activity. Each shape is generously supported with props and held without effort for an extended time. Our focus is not even on stretching, but on “opening” the body by releasing tension into spacious comfort. Yet, as the practitioner descends into a restful state, the blissful comfort of the pose becomes a catalyst for a transformational process. 

Restorative yoga facilitates the recalibration of our nervous systems. It shifts us from a dull but constant state of stress (our sympathetic or fight/flight/freeze response), towards a more healing & integrative state (our parasympathetic or rest & digest response).

This practice is ideal for processing & releasing the stress of modern life. In this way, restorative yoga is helpful to all people and is an accessible practice for students of all levels of experience or fitness. But restorative yoga is particularly beneficial for students who may struggle in other styles of yoga -  students with stress, chronic pain, fatigue, digestive issues, poor immune function and even those recovering from a severe injury, Perhaps one of the most important applications of restorative yoga is supporting students with generalized anxiety disorders, who may find that a regular restorative yoga practice can help them to re-pattern their stress responses. 

While restorative yoga may seem "easy" because it requires the least physical effort & accommodates the body with as much support as possible, I have often witnessed many individuals who move with ease through vinyasa flow, but really struggle to access that same state of being in relaxation. Through this practice, we learn that true relaxation is a skill to be cultivated and a doorway to wellbeing.


About the Online Training

This online course will be facilitated as a 4-day immersion, divided over two-weekends so most can attend without requiring time away from life's commitments.


On training weekends, each day will include 6 hours of YTT (five hours of lectures, closing with a one-hour guided restorative practice). Mid-day, you can relax during an hour & a half break. In between our two course weekends, you will also enjoy three mid-week restorative practices designed to help you experience all the benefits of this offering.

To complete the course, you only need a device with an internet connection. Your textbook, lesson plan, pose tutorials, guided practices, and additional content will be available on Teachable. Teachable is a professional education platform where I design your daily schedule. This system will be your course companion, which you will have access to for the next six months following your training dates.

Students will receive a very comprehensive textbook written and compiled by Eva. You can access the digital textbook on a device or print it if you choose. 


There will be a daily quiz, final exam and all students must submit a class plan & short video of their teaching. We complete 27-hrs of training together. These assignments are accounted for as your final three hours of training. 


If you select the course certification option, I will review your exam, class plan & practicum and supply you with some supportive and personalized feedback. I truly take my time in this process to give you thoughtful tips, helping you to refine your skills and grow as a Teacher. Once I have reviewed your three assignments, I will send you your certificate!

Please note, it is of extreme importance to me to maintain high standards of yoga education and I do not "sell" certification or accreditation hours. You must complete your final assignments to demonstrate safe & beneficial teaching of course principles. 


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The content of the very comprehensive course includes:

  • The Intent, Benefits, & Importance of Restorative Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga Props & Environment

  • The Origins of Indian Yoga & Modern History of Restorative Yoga

  • The Science of Stress - the Sympathetic Response

  • The Physiology of Rest - the Parasympathetic Response

  • The Vagus Nerve, Energetic Nervous System & Respiration for Rest

  • Anatomical Overview of Major Joints and Muscles

  • Detailed Pose Tutorials of Over 34 Restorative Poses & Variations

  • Propping and Assisting Students Tutorials

  • Pranayama & Energetics of Restorative Yoga

  • Sequencing Principles & Templates to Help Design your Classes

  • Theming Meaningful Classes & Teaching Language

  • Case Studies Practice & Therapeutic Applications 

  • Holding Safe Space


To complete the practices & properly explore each pose you will need to have the following props available:

  • A Bolster (two if possible, otherwise use one bolster and some pillows from your couch or bed)

  • 2-4 Yoga Blocks (cork or foam is fine)

  • 2-4 Yoga Blankets (wool preferred, but you can improv with what you have available)

  • A Yoga Strap

  • You may also like to have an eye-pillow, a small towel and a sandbag

  • Some poses will require space at the wall or a chair for support

Online YTT | To Register...

Booking will open online.


Or contact Eva with any course questions.

We can sent you a booking package with full info on this YTT.

DM or email evahamiltonyoga@gmail.com




Investment | €324/€344

Payment for this course can be made by visa or debit through Teachable.

Two and three-month payment plans are also available to help support you. 

There is limited space so book soon to hold your spot. 

Additional Certification Package | €20

To receive the professional course certificate, please select the "certification option" in Teachable. Upon receiving your final assignments, we will supply personalized feedback to your class plan & video, as well as present you with your course certificate to register with your yoga alliance or federation. (If you are purely taking the course for personal interest, you may prefer the option without the certification package).

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Please know that once paid, all monies are non-refundable. 

In emergency circumstances, if you cannot attend the training,

your original payment can be put towards future training with eva.yoga





I want to take this course, but I'm not a Yoga Teacher & I'm not very interested in teaching....

Keen students are welcome! Many people take my educational courses for personal interest. There are no pre-requisites for this YTT. Just a love of Restorative Yoga and experience practicing this style.


If you're not interested in teaching professionally, you can still take this course to learn more about Restorative Yoga and build a more dedicated & knowledgable self-practice. 

Other people working in the fields of counseling, mental health, chronic pain, etc. may also find this course helpful to support their other areas of work. 

I want to take this course, but I'm not a Yoga Teacher (yet). I hope to take my 200-hr training soon but can I do this first?

The answer is yes! Generally in these programs, I get a mix of people who have completed their standard 200-hr Yoga Alliance certification or who are on the path towards it.


All are welcome and there are no prerequisites required.


In fact, I’ve been told by other students in the same situation that they appreciated the foundation they received from my 30-hr YTT's when they then went onward to do their 200. Many felt more confident to pursue further training! In this course, I offer an introduction to the basic anatomy of the spine, hips and shoulders so if you are new to anatomy, you will receive a basic overview. And we create a really warm environment and share lots of foundational information. There’s no energy of competition or judgment.

Can I start teaching after this course if I have not yet completed my standard 200-hr training? If you are yet to complete your 200-hrs, I recommend you begin teaching friends or family for experience or donation. Most studios, as well as yoga insurance providers, will require you to have completed your 200, which I agree is extremely important. But this program can still be a great first step. And you can still log this certificate with the Yoga Alliance to start building your experience. Then when you start teaching professionally, you will already have a niche offering to share.

Will I receive CE (continuing education) credits with the Yoga Alliance for this online training?

Yes! Based on the current Yoga Alliance temporary provision, you will receive a full 30-hrs of CE credits for this course (provided you complete your two homework assignments).

What do I need to complete this training?

Find a spot in your home that's generally quiet with a good wifi signal  You'll need a device (laptop, tablet or phone) to access zoom and teachable. Just a basic zoom account will do! You can film your final practicum on your phone, no professional equipment necessary. Your textbook is a digital file and you can choose to print it or not. 


For your yoga props: yoga mat and ideally 2 bolster pillows, 4 blocks, 4 blankets & a strap. I know this seems like a lot! But having these at your fingertips will allow you to learn the dreamiest restorative poses. At minimum, grab a bolster, some bed pillows, two blocks and some thick books, and lots of comfy blankets from around your house.


You may also like an eye pillow, a small hand towel and a sandbad, but these are optional bonuses. You'll also use a chair and some wall space at times. 

Will I get a textbook?

You will receive a comprehensive digital Restorative Yoga Textbook emailed to you in advance of the course as a PDF and also downloadable within Teachable.  You can print it if that's possible, but if that not an option no stress! A notebook and pens are helpful for extra notes.

What about technical difficulties?

Before the YTT, I individually contact each registrant to make sure they have easy access to all necessary platforms and content. 


All of our live calls are recorded and added to teachable after our sessions. If you get logged out or have any issues, you can access all lectures later to get caught up. Your presence on the calls is still mandatory for certification, but you can just send me a message to let me know if you are having any challenges and I will do my best to support you. I know technical difficulties may arise and will be helpful and understanding.

How long will I have access to the course content on Teachable?

The course content will be available to you (all tutorial videos, guided practices, and lecture recordings) for a minimum of six months following the YTT.


(I do not offer a lifetime guarantee as I may not always utilize these platforms, however for the foreseeable future, they will definitely be part of my work)