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What's in a name?

Eva is derived from Hebrew meaning “life.” Maxine originates in Latin. It means “great.”

Last year, my Mom told me that she was so happy I was beginning to live the essence of my name ~ a great life. Not great as in full of achievements, but full of happiness, adventure, joy & love. I’ve been thinking lately... how wonderful is this lifetime? This life when my name is Eva & I’m a yoga teacher who gets to travel & share such meaningful work? How divine is the humour of everything I’ve seen, created, achieved, lost, found, explored, accepted, released & realized? How amazing is this lifetime that I am sharing with the most beautiful, wise, crazy souls that are each finding their own way too. Right now, I’m staying close to what makes my soul happy. For months I’ve wanted to go to Roslin Chapel, so on the sunniest Scottish day we went. The energy was so ancient & beautiful. Laced with carvings of myth & nature. Of spring & renewal & fresh starts. This is that lifetime. And I’m so very grateful I’m experiencing it. It’s pretty great. 🙏

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