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50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

August 19 - 24th, 2022
Training Hours | 9:00am - 6:30pm
in Fribourg, Switzerland

with Eva Maxine Hamilton, E-RYT 1000, YACEP


What is Yin Yoga? |


Yin Yoga is a beautiful convergence of traditional Indian Hatha & principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is an intentional practice that can benefit tissues in your body often ignored by other styles of yoga and movement. 


Informed by modern science and ancient meridian theories, yin yoga invites us to slow down and sink deeper into each pose. Anatomically, yin yoga takes into account individual bone structure variation, supporting students to be adaptable in each posture. And perhaps most beneficial to our students, yin yoga offers stillness and internal reflection in our modern context of constant rush and activity.

Unfortunately, many people receive the impression that yin yoga is just "slow yoga," partially as so many teachers offering yin classes have no formal training in this style. And this prevents our students from accessing the deeper benefits of this soft but powerful practice. 


About the 50-hr In-Person Yin Yoga Teacher Training | 

In this six-day in-person training we’ll take a deep dive into yin philosophy, variable anatomy, fascial health and the meridian system so that you can learn how to sequence and theme meaningful yin yoga classes that fully support your students (and yourself) to slow down, release stress and welcome peace.


During the training we’ll explore the theory, science and anatomy of the practice, balanced with experiential and energetic aspects of each asana. We'll unpack contemporary research on fascia, a sustainable approach to stretching, and an individualistic perspective of the body. You'll also learn about the foundational principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the five-element theory, and how to work with the meridian lines in your yin practice and teaching. 


In our asana analysis, you'll explore an adaptable approach to instructing, propping and modifying classical and creative yin poses. Not only will you learn how to teach the shape safely but you’ll also learn why to teach each asana as you gain an understanding of the physical, emotional and energetic benefits.

Weaving these concepts into classes, you'll learn how to confidently sequence and theme yin yoga practices, as well as how to mindfully communicate and hold safe space. The training also incorporates other traditional and therapeutic tools including pranayama, meditation, yin yang yoga, yoga nidra, restorative yoga, and myofascial release.

This course is open to new and experienced teachers, as well as dedicated yoga students who desire to deepen their yin practice. Offering this unique expression of yoga to your students will create diversity within your teaching & support your students' (& your own) busy life.​

* Please note | The training is facilitated in English. 


Are you seeking supportive education in yin yoga to weave this wisdom into your yoga classes?


Learn how to teach safe & meaningful yin yoga classes, holding space for your students to melt into stillness with our upcoming Live In Person Yin Yoga 50-hr YTT immersion, held over six days in August.

What will you get from this course?

  • Learn the background, theory and method of yin yoga to teach informed and beneficial yin practices

  • Unpack contemporary research on fascia, tissue health and safe stretching

  • Explore foundational principles of the Chinese five-element system and meridians

  • Learn the subtle (and essential) skills of teaching yoga, including sequencing, theming, language and holding safe space 

  • Experience two daily practices, in-person lectures and transmissions, and personalized support and feedback

  • Receive our in-depth yin yoga textbook, including sample sequences, an overview of current research, and lots of extra resources to support your teaching

  • Enjoy a small supportive group atmosphere (max 16) practicing in person in Fribourg, Switzerland

  • Includes extra access to our online resources including on-demand hands-on-assisting tutorials

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Course content includes:

  • Yin Yang philosophy & the yin methodology

  • The Daoist origins & modern development of yin yoga

  • Contemporary research on fascia and tissue health

  • Variable anatomy analysis of major joints

  • The Chinese five-element system & meridian lines

  • Anatomical Reviews

  • Guiding, propping and modifying all classic yin poses

  • Assisting Tutorials

  • Introduction to the nervous system

  • Sequencing & theming meaningful yin classes

  • Teaching language & holding safe space


About Fribourg, Switzerland

Fribourg is a small city in Western Switzerland featuring beautiful medieval architecture and encircled by rolling green hills and valleys. Located south-west of Bern and poised on a peninsula surrounded by the Sarine River, Fribourg is famous for it's fifteen bridges.  The old town features many stunning examples of Gothic architecture and the city's emblem is the St. Nicholas Cathedral. The city is easy to get around and locals speak both French and German. Fribourg is also home to the University of Fribourg and many cafes, restaurants, and lively markets.


Traveling to Fribourg is quite easy, as there are direct trains from both Zurich and Geneva airports that take approximately 1h30 - 1h45 (see website for trains in Switzerland here). From Fribourg train station it's a 12 minute walk to the studio and the studio is in the centre so everything is walking distance. The nearest local bus stop to the studio is only a 2 minute walk away. 


About Eva Maxine Hamilton |  


Eva Hamilton is a Canadian Yoga Educator, specializing in the slow, supported and soulful practices of yin yoga and restorative yoga. She completed her first (of many) yoga trainings when she was just 17 and has been teaching full time since 2008. She owned a studio in Canada for many years before choosing to travel and teach around the world. 


Her gentle approach is combined with an in-depth understanding of anatomy and functional movement as well as the mindbody connection and intricate workings of the human nervous system. Before becoming a yoga teacher, Eva studied religious studies at university and has a thorough understanding of philosophy and mysticism.


Eva specializes in educating on applied anatomy, yoga philosophy, teaching methodology, posture clinics & alignment, preventing yoga injuries, myofascial release, and more. Eva has completed over 1000-hrs of yoga studies and is registered as a Yoga Alliance YACEP (Continuing Education Provider) and a Yoga Alliance Professionals Yoga Trainer-Pro and Senior Yoga Teacher.


Eva's intention in teaching is to craft a supportive & nourishing energy for her student's self-exploration. She places an emphasis on the internal experience and encourages self-empathy, kindness and curiosity both on and off the mat.


As a Teacher Trainer, her objective is to elevate the standard of yoga teacher trainings and train knowledgable, confident and compassionate teachers who embody their teachings, hold safe space, and pass along the wisdom of yoga in their communities. 

Yin Yoga Switzerland - Sales Page.png

The Studio  | Jessica Rabone Yoga in Fribourg

The training will be held at Jessica Rabone's beautiful boutique yoga studio near the cathedral in Fribourg, Switzerland. High quality props (bolsters, blankets, blocks and belts) are provided, but please bring your own yoga mat. ​


Please note that the studio is on the top floor and so unfortunately there is no disabled access. Paid on-street parking is available outside and if you’re using public transport, the studio is a 12 minute walk from Fribourg train station.

Investment  |  

Early Bird Rate | CHF 900

Early Bird Offer: Book + pay in full before May 31st and save CHF100

Regular Tuition Rate | CHF 995

Pay in full by July 20th, 2022 

Book with a Friend | Special Discount

During July there is a "book with a friend" offer saving you CHF 100 each. Even if you've already booked and paid, you're still welcome to enjoy this discount. If one of your friends joins, we can refund you CHF 100, and they'll also save CHF 100 themselves.. Valid until July 31st. 

To Register |

Book via Jessica Rabone Yoga


Tuition includes YTT course & textbook. Students must bring their own yoga mats, but all other props will be provided at the training. Tea and fruit will be available at the studio, but beyond students are responsible for their own travel, food, and accommodations, but we are happy to suggest local options.


Terms & Conditions

To Book | 

  • Upon booking, students are required to pay a deposit of CHF 350

  • The CHF 350 deposit is non-refundable after July 20th, 2022 all monies are non-refundable Students can transfer their booking to another student, but they are responsible for finding their own replacement.

Tuition | 

Tuition includes YTT course & textbook.

Props will be provided at the yoga studio. 

Students should bring their own yoga mats. 


Certification |

Students must complete all course hours and final written assignments to fully certify. Following the in-person portion of the training, students must also complete the take-home assignment within 30-days following the course completion for Eva to recognize & authenticate any registration of students’ certificate in the Yoga Alliance registration system. Students cannot miss more than 3-hrs of the live teaching hours and still receive certification.

Cancelation Policy |  If a student needs to cancel their booking for this YTT:

  • The CHF 350 deposit is non-refundable

  • After July 20th, 2022 all monies are non-refundable (students who need to cancel are welcome to transfer find another student to take their spot and the replacement can refund them directly)



Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive CE (continuing education) credits with the Yoga Alliance for this training? Yes, you will receive 50-hrs of accredited continuing education hours with the Yoga Alliance (US-based/international) and the Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK-based organization). 

Will I get a textbook? Yes, you will receive a printed copy of our in-depth Yin Yoga Textbook upon arrival at the training. 

I want to take this course, but I'm not a Yoga Teacher and I'm not very interested in teaching. Keen students are welcome! Many people take educational courses for personal interest. There are no pre-requisites for this YTT, just a love of Yin Yoga and experience practicing this style. You can take this course to simply learn more about Yin Yoga and build a more dedicated and informed self-practice. 

I want to take this course, but I'm not a Yoga Teacher (yet). I'm hoping to take my 200-hr training. Can I attend this training? Generally in this program, we receive a mix of people who have completed their 200-hr YTT or who are on the path towards it. There are no prerequisites to this training and many students new to the teacher training experience have previously told us how much they appreciated the foundation they received from this training. The Yin YTT includes an an overview of anatomy as well as yoga philosophy and teaching methodology. We are dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for all students and teachers


Please note, all course participants will be required to teach a short yin practicum before the conclusion of the practice to apply course concepts and maintain professional standards. This 50-hr Yin YTT is offered as specialized yoga education, but is not a substitute for the industry standard 200-hrs yoga teacher training. 

Can I start teaching after this course if I have not yet completed my 200 hour training? If you are yet to complete your 200 hours then it’s recommended that you begin by teaching friends or family for experience. Most studios, as well as yoga insurance providers, will require you to have completed your 200 hour training, which is extremely important if you want to become a teacher. This programme is a great first step though and you can still log this certificate with Yoga Alliance to start building your experience. Then when you start teaching professionally, you will already have a niche offering to share.


Is accommodation included? Accommodation is not included in the cost of tuition, but we are happy to recommend some local options for you in Fribourg. 


Are meals included? No, but you can bring a lunch or we can point you towards some great local options in Fribourg.