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And this is not like other yoga challenges...

It's not designed to push you harder or further. It does not elevate certain body types.

It's not about increasing your flexibility, building your core strength, standing on your head, or truly changing yourself in any way.

This FREE challenge is all about showing up as you are and taking little steps to build more sustainable relaxation into your life!

Rather than focusing on the physical aims of practice, we will be unpacking and experiencing together how yoga can affect the responses of our nervous systems.


Relaxation is not laziness or luxury!

Maybe you’ve been feeling energetically depleted and disconnected from your body? You might be struggling to build a regular yoga practice, trying to squeeze full classes into your already full life. This year has challenged us on so many levels and rattled our nervous systems, so if you are feeling higher levels of stress, know that that is normal! But it doesn’t have to be our natural state.

When we are feeling the constant dull or overwhelming presence of stress in our lives, our nervous systems are operating a sympathetic dominance, a mode that leaves us feeling agitated, anxious, and inevitably depleted. And yet, you’re still seeking that soothing, post-yoga feeling… Remerging from shavasana with clarity and calm and carrying that feeling into your day. 

Let's shift this pattern through short & sweet yoga practice! Each day for seven days, you will receive a unique practice designed to help down-regulate your nervous system (each only 10-20 minutes long).

Incorporated into the flow of our daily lives, these yoga practices can help us foster a more even baseline, allowing us to feel less stress and more at home in our bodies.

Are you ready to chill? Sign-up below to start relaxing now!

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