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Yin is a grounding & balancing expression of yoga. Cultivating a deep stretch, we pause & meditate on the sensations & feelings unfolding in the body with the intention of surrendering to the moment. It's origins are rooted in the convergence of the Indian tradition of yoga with Chinese understandings of health & energy.  While the Yang nature represents our active, external qualities of warmth & movement, the yin represents the internal, receptive, cool, soft & slow side we all need for balance..

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About Yin Yoga Videos

Theory, Philosophy + Method of Yin

I wanted to create a comprehensive program of not only yin classes, but also informational content. These first three videos introduce the intentions & mechanics & of yin yoga. 


Yin 101 - Philosophy of Balance

learn about the philosophy of yin & yang + the method of yin yoga.


Yin 101 - Fascia & Healthy Stretching

In yin yoga, we talk a lot about connective tissue. Learn more about this amazing sentient tissue - there's more of it in your body than anything else! 


Yin 101 - Energetic & Meridians

Yin yoga has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine. Learn about chi energy, meridians & the five Chinese elements. 

Yin Yoga Classes





Yin for the Wood Meridian - Hips + Side-body Practice




Yin for the Earth Meridian - Hips + Front-body Practice




Yin for the Water Meridian - Hips & Back-body Practice




Upper Body Yin - Fire + Metal Meridians

Focusing on the upper back, shoulders & arms.

Gently open the heart & work with the lung & heart meridians.



Yin Yoga Practice for the Feet

This grounding practice will stretch the feet & ankles, 

while also releasing the hips & lower back.



part 1

Wall Yin Part One

Using the wall to support seated poses, lunges, & other classical yin yoga postures.



part 2

Wall Yin Part Two - Legs Up the Wall

Explore several variations of legs up the wall pose (viparita karani) .

Allow the earth to support the spine, the wall to support the legs,

as we work with different hip openers from this cozy shape. 



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