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yin yoga, restorative yoga, healing flows, yoga foundations, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, lunar sequences, yoga for better sleep, yoga for lower back pain, accessible chair yoga, teaching tools for teachers,  & practices to help support anxiety. 

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    • includes stilling the waves: yoga for anxiety
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  • Yin Yoga with Eva

    Namaste at Home *Special Rate*
    Valid for one year
    • approx. £9.50 for all my online yin content (10 videos)
    • four full-length yin classes (for the chinese meridians)
    • three mini-classes (20-30mins)
    • my favourite legs up the wall yin sequence
    • yin yoga for the feet
    • intro to yin philosophy, meridians & healthy stretching
  • Restorative with Eva

    Namaste at Home *Special Rate*
    Valid for one year
    • approx. £9.50 for my Restorative Yoga tutorials & classes
    • intro to the benefits and practice of Restorative Yoga
    • using yoga props (and improvising)
    • pose tutorials: childs pose, butterfly, neck support
    • three full-length restorative praces
    • one mini-restorative session (with a chair)
    • guided relaxation (no props required)
    • one year access to the 11 videos
  • Yoga for Anxiety

    Stilling the Waves *new price*
    Valid for 12 months
    • approx. £9.50 for all my content for anxiety (15 videos)
    • Namaste at Home Special (regular price $40)
    • learn how our posture, breath & mindset influence anxiety
    • practices to support your nervous system
    • short education videos to better understand your anxiety
    • five full-length yoga practices for anxiety
    • five short invention practices for stressful moments
    • includes breathing, meditation, and gentle movement
    • plus self-massage, restorative yoga nd relaxation
  • Lunar Yoga with Eva

    Namaste at Home *Special Rate*
    Valid for one year
    • approx. £9.50 for access to my lunar yoga content (8 videos)
    • includes practices for each lunar phase
    • new moon meditation & lunar flow
    • waxing moon meditation & lunar flow
    • full moon meditation & lunar flow
    • waning moon meditation & lunar flow

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