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You graduated your 200-hr. (Or maybe you’ve been at this a while).

Congratulations! You have your certificate, thank you for your hard work. Okay bye!

Does that sound familiar? Do you feel like you’ve accomplished this epic milestone and now you have been tossed into the ocean outside the yoga studio? After all, you may have talked about how to start your business during your training–maybe–but it doesn’t really feel real until it’s TOO real. And when that realization hits, it’s enough to have you crawling under your blankets and cuddling your blocks. Because who is going to help you take those baby steps (or giant steps, if you’re feeling up to it) once you’ve got that piece of paper in your hand?


Often at yoga teachers, it feels like we're on our own. But it’s not true.♡

Maybe you’re freshly minted, trying to find a studio to partner with and people beyond your immediate circle to teach. Or maybe you’ve been doing this a while, and you have a studio and a group of loyal students. But you’re bored. Plateaued. Or just plain old burnt out.


Maybe you’re still in a place where in-person teaching doesn’t feel right to you, but don’t know the first thing about teaching online. Or you have a business that’s doing well…yet instead of reaching out and admitting you need some help, you just keep racking up the certificates and credentials so you look like you know what you’re doing.

I was you once. Equal parts excited and scared that anyone would take her seriously as a yoga teacher, clinging to all of the knowledge she amassed but still not feeling that support and guidance around her. And since I was (am!) a recovering imperfect perfectionist, any thought of making a mistake was enough to get me to freeze in my tracks, making no decision at all.


And that place is not connected to spirit, not in any way healing or beautiful or graceful. It sucks. 

This is my Yoga Teacher Mentorship program. For 16 weeks, you have me in your corner, sitting by your fireside, telling you the stories and teaching you the essentials of running your yoga business. Through my video trainings, extensive self-written resources, and a nurturing series of 1:1 calls, we will expand what you thought your yoga teaching experience could be and give it a fertile place to grow.

We will cover the important things that you want to know and maybe some things that you haven’t even thought of yet like:

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome i.e. who would want to listen to ME?

  • Setting the foundation of your yoga business, or just getting things back in order

  • Marketing yourself in an embodied authentic way (social media, email, the whole thing)

  • Setting your prices and feeling financially supported from your teaching by exploring new mediums beyond studio classes

  • Getting really clear with your message as a teacher, and allowing it to inspire your visual style and logo

  • Creating a great yoga website and managing your email list (Yes! I'll help you do this with wix)

  • Using my planning templates to design your signature offering, like a class series, workshop, retreat or membership

  • Undoing the overwhelm of the tech of teaching - I'll share my tips for tech, filming and the platforms I use to run my yoga business

  • Designing class planning strategies to keep you inspired as you create sequences, themes and curriculum that you and your students love

  • Upgrading your anatomical confidence and weaving the philosophical wisdom of yoga throughout your classes

  • Dealing with the tough stuff, like addressing cultural appropriation, student communication and boundaries, and physical/mental/emotional burnout

  • Getting smart about your legal and financial responsibilities

  • Looking beyond your drishti into the next phase of what is possible for you as you grow


I’ve created this Mentorship program to support YOU, no matter where you are in your beautiful adventure. I want to be for you the mentor I so deeply craved when I was getting my feet under me. If one thing in this program helps you to move beyond your fears and take a step closer to the light, I would be overjoyed.

The next mentorship container will span over a 16-week period from March to June, 2022 and include eight live workshops and three private mentorship calls.

Registration opens soon. 


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With her gentle wisdom and vast experience, Eva loves to support yoga teachers to build their knowledge and confidence as they share the medicine that yoga can provide. 

Eva Maxine Hamilton is a Canadian Yoga Educator specializing in the soft, supported practices of yin and restorative yoga. She completed her initial yoga training when she was just 17 and has been teaching full time since 2008. She owned a studio in Canada for several years before uprooting to travel and teach internationally. She has remained dedicated to her continuing studies and has since completed over 1000-hrs of further yoga education in many styles.


Eva’s delicate approach is combined with an in-depth understanding of functional movement as well as the mind-body connection and intricate workings of the human nervous system.  


As a yoga educator, Eva specializes in educating on embodied anatomy, yoga philosophy, and teaching methodology, as well as the more subtle skills of teaching, including communication, boundaries and co-regulation. She is dedicated to developing programs and trainings that elevate the standards of yoga education and increase inclusivity in the yoga space.

By nature a curious and gentle soul, Eva does not view yoga as a way to be better at touching your toes or getting the best Instagram capture, but rather as a medium to learn both about yourself and to honour the rich and diverse cultures of yoga’s origins. Having studied religious studies at university, Eva has a thorough understanding of yoga philosophy and mysticism and loves to educate her students with reverence for the roots of yoga as a wisdom tradition. 


As she holds space in practice, Eva’ intention is to craft a supportive energy and place emphasis on the internal experience, encouraging self-empathy and curiosity both on and off the mat.


Eva is registered as a Yoga Alliance YACEP (Continuing Education Provider) and a Yoga Alliance Professionals Yoga Trainer-Pro and Senior Yoga Teacher.