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Yoga Classes with Eva


Restful Wall (Gentle Hatha + Restorative)

A nourishing blend of hatha and restorative yoga to release tension in the lower back and hips. Utilizing both the support of the wall and the earth, this practice is designed to help your body feel held, offering the nervous system and mind reassurance and relaxation. 


Whole-body + Pelvic Floor Release (Therapeutic Hatha Sequence)

Adapted from Amy Stein's book Heal Pelvic Pain, this therapeutic sequence offers a whole-body gentle practice, but also is specifically designed to help reduce tension in the pelvic floor (hypertonicity).


Heart Opening Practice (Gentle Hatha + Restorative)

A short session to gently unlock tension encasing the heart center and rest deeply into soft, supported shapes. This slow and nourishing practice targets tightness in the chest and upper back and will help you to decelerate into a restful state or quiet evening.  


Accessing Ankles

Does tightness in your ankles limit your squat poses or other shapes in yoga? Try these tricks and techniques to bring some mindful movement into your foundation. Grab a ball, strap and block and join me and my assistant, Freya. 


Soothing Sticky Shoulders

A slow and mellow therapeutic practice of movement, mindful release, and massage for stiff and stuck shoulder and neck muscles. This is a great sequence after a day of working at a desk or to help ease tension headaches, inviting softness and space into the shoulders. 


Quick + Conscious Core Flow

Want to move? This energizing flow will challenge you and your beliefs about the "core."  This playful practice explores a paradigm shift in my own practice. (Hint - It's not about pulling in your belly! There are other healthier ways to create a strong center).


Gentle Flow for Anxiety Burnout

This class is a sample of my next online teacher training, Stilling the Waves: Supporting Yoga Students with Anxiety. 


De-stress with your Breath

Learn simple and portable breathing, massage, and relaxation techniques you can carry into any situation to keep a calm baseline. 


Yin & Restore for Tired Hips & Legs

A nurturing practice centered on the lower body, playing the edge between my two favorite styles - yin yoga and restorative yoga. 

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Spring Series | April 29th Replay | Restorative Yoga

Grab your pillows and blankets and join me for a super nurturing and grounding restorative practice, focused on infusing the body with gratitude. Find a small bolster pillow or heavy blanket to emphasize the feeling of grounding in each shape.

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Spring Series | April 22nd Replay

Myofascial Release with Guest Teacher Lizzie McGhee

Join special guest teacher (and one of my dearest friends) for a grounding myofascial release practice to roll away tension and stress.

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Spring Series | April 15th Replay | Yin Yoga

The slow and soothing yin practice targets the hips and side-body to work with the liver and gallbladder meridians, associated to the element of wood and the season of spring in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

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Spring Series | April 8th Replay | Mellow Flow

The theme of this week's gentle flow practice was phototropism - the phenomena in plants as they naturally grow and bend towards the light. We embodied this theme through our sequence, from small contained poses like the initial potential of a seed to more expansive side-bends and opening movements as we continued to grow.⁣

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Spring Clearing Meditation

This meditation is designed for the energy near the Spring Equinox when we exist at a very balanced point between Yin and Yang, light and dark.​ This time of year, we may naturally feel drawn to declutter our external environments. Let this meditation help you to internally declutter your mind & physical tensions, like opening up the windows and letting in the fresh air. 


The Seven Day Chill Challenge!

My March creation was a seven-day challenge that's not like other challenges! Its all about building sustainable relaxation into your life and recalibrating your nervous system to build a little more resilience against stress. Click here for full access to this program including 8 videos & a workbook! 


Nourish One | Lower Back Practice | Feb 4th Replay

This practice will tend to your lower back and tight posterior chain with a nourishing combo of gentle movement, self-massage, and restful poses. Set up near the wall again if possible, or even better, have a couch or chair nearby!


Nourish Two | Shoulders + Heart Center Practice | Feb 11th Replay

This practice will tend to your upper back and shoulder tensions with gentle movement, self-massage, and restful poses.. Set up near the wall again if possible, or do your self-massage at the mat if you're craving more pressure. 

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Nourish Three | Hip Releasing Practice | Feb 18th Replay

This practice will tend to your tight hips with gentle movement, self-massage, and restful poses. Grab a tennis ball and your pillows for a slow and still yin-style practice. 

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Nourish Four|Neck, Head, + Mind Practice | Feb 25th Replay

 This practice will tend to your tight neck & mental tensions with gentle movement, self-massage, and restful poses. Grab a tennis ball for your self-massage before a more slow and nourishing practice designed for your physical & mental wellbeing. 


Gentle Side-body Floor Flow

A gentle practice to move and stretch your entire body... without standing up!

This grounding sequence will release your hips, spine, and shoulders (44mins)


Yoga + Self-massage for Desk Life

Have you been sitting too long? Enjoy some movement + massage for your tight lower back, upper back, shoulders, and chest. (36mins)

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Warming Winter Flow

A warming vinyasa flow practice for Winter blues and chills.

Harness your inner heat and thaw out tight hips and shoulders (48mins)


30-mins of Yin | Boster Pillow Wind-down

 A short, sweet, and slow yin practice to release tight connective tissues, balance energy, and find stillness with the snuggly

support of your bolster in each pose. 

(Released Aug 2nd -8th, 2020)

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Vinyasa flow - Thoracic Spine Focus 

Twists & gentle back-bends to unlock upper back tension

(Released Aug 9th - 15th, 2020)

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Gentle Grounding Flow for Anxiety

This slow flow is designed with anxious moments in mind, to help you feel grounded, release restless energy, and re-set your body and mind back to a less stressed state. Let your breath guide you back to yourself. (Released Aug 16th - 22nd, 2020)

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Slide + Strength | Blanket Flow

A fitness-focused practice to balance movement patterns, refine your vinyasa, and cultivate stability. Find a blanket or towel and a hard-surfaced floor to facilitate the perfect balance of slide & resistance. Approach with a sense of playfulness & exploration :)

(Released Aug 23rd - 29th, 2020)

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Lazy Day Flow

This class starts off sleepy and gradually builds energy, working from the earth up. Focusing on releasing the hips and lower back, this practice is the perfect companion to a rainy Autumn Sunday morning, cozy socks, and a hot cup of tea. 

(Released Aug 30th - Sept 4th, 2020)

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Meditation for Isolation

Today’s meditation is designed for quiet moments when we may feel lonely or disconnected from others. In this space, we will welcome self-empathy.

(Released Sept 6-12th, 2020)

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Minimalist Props Restorative Yoga

.Restorative yoga poses are sometimes quite complicated, requiring a lot of different yoga props. This nourishing sequence is all about keeping life simple. Just grab a blanket and two blocks for this whole-body relaxation.

Released Oct 2020

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Deluxe Restorative Yoga

Following last week's minimalist restore practice, this class requires two bolsters to craft super cozy & comfy supported postures. If you only have one bolster or none at all just grab a LOT of pillows. This practice will allow a much needed nervous system reset to release stress & find your calm center.

Release Nov 2020

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Hip Release Restorative

This restorative sequence centers on the lower body, holding you in sweet supported poses that help to nourish tight & tired hips & legs. Many of these restorative variations are less common, so you may discover a new favorite pose. Gather your props and nest into each cozy and comforting shape to bring some rest & release into your week. 


Winter Solstice Meditation

All this cozy meditation to help your find some internal light during the longest night of the year. This is the most when the Yin energy is at its peak, inviting us to slow down, rest and reflect. 

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