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Like it or not, we are constantly influenced by the shifting cycles of nature, especially the moon. 

One of the many deeper teachings of yoga is that our inner world is in no way isolated from our outer reality. Like a fish in water, whether we like it or not, the shifts of the natural world imprint themselves in our bodies & emotions. And the more we practice, the more sensitive we might feel to these constantly changing patterns. Historically,  yogis were conscious of these rhythms and would not to practice physical yoga during certain phases as to protect one's energy. Just as the moon pulls the tides, it's shifts can quickly throw us off balance. Over the course of the lunar cycle, our energy is pulled down & in during the New Moon and up & out at the time of the full, with constant transformation in between.

This program will help you to harness the energetic changes over the course of the lunar cycle. If we resist in life & work against the pull of the moon, we will feel agitation, frustration & depletion as it moves. Yet, if we can stay conscious & move with it's rhythm, we can draw from this cycle clarity, strength, growth, abundance, gratitude, healing & release. 


Each week (on the New, Full, Waxing & Wanning Cycle), you will receive a yoga practice + meditation designed around the energy & intention of the current lunar phase! 


While most yoga practice is inspired by solar energy (hint, the Sun Salutation), the Moon moves differently. Solar energy is constant, quick & linear, while we can connect more with the Moon, through different directions of movement (think spirals, circular flows, curves, crescents & horizontal movement on your mat). There is also an innate connection between the hips & the moon. Moments of the lunar cycle inspire energy, while others require we conserve our energy more, so I've designed a balance of flow with restorative moments to stay true to the Moon. 

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