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Embodiment - the act of consciously inhabiting our bodies - is a very healing medicine for our physical & mental wellbeing. In this program, we will create a deep state of connection through self-myofascial release techniques.

This is an amazing therapeutic skill set you can incorporate into your yoga practice to reduce tension & pain and improve comfort & mobility within your body. These classes will teach a full body massage through simple techniques that you can integrate into your practice to transform both your muscles & connective tissues.

(you will need 2 balls & 2 blocks)

In these classes, you will learn how to unpack deep-seeded tension from your muscles & joints, creating a new sense of freedom in the body. We will use a synthesis of techniques & tools including blocks, rubber therapy balls & our own hands to create a physical release. This approach compliments all levels & styles of yoga, whether a strong, athletic practice or a focus on grounding & relaxation. The techniques are wonderful for enhancing body awareness, quieting the mind & creating a direct mindful connection to the moment. Support your practice with simple, effective, & inexpensive methods to support your body in your yoga practice & daily life! Come home to your body, roll away your worries & reconnect with your being.

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