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Stilling the Waves

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yoga resources for anxiety

Stilling the Waves is a yoga resource for people struggling with anxiety or working to support those encountering it - content to help you integrate the wisdom & benefits of yoga for stress & anxiety in an accessible, effective & meaningful way. 

Based on contemporary research, traditional yogic philosophy & personal experience, each practice is lovingly designed to help you recognize & learn from your experiences of anxiousness and then return towards a calmer center.

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Yogi Education

Introductory Videos

This program includes not just yoga classes, but also informational content.

As a teacher, I think its important not only to teach the "how" of getting safely & satisfyingly in & out of poses, but also the "why" - why does this generate this effect in my body? The first few videos in the series are more educational & will help to explore the inner mechanisms of yoga to deepen your awareness.


How Yoga Helps & About our Class Method
Understanding anxiety, our class design & preparing for practice.


My Story & the Stilling the Waves Approach 

Video by my dear friend Naomi.


Breathing into Balance

How can breathing help to down-regulate

the nervous system?

Learn how to use your breath as a tool to reduce increasing anxiety by better understanding the changes it can initiate in the mind and body. The breath always travels with you and can support you in any context. 


Peaceful Poses:

How do different poses & movement patterns help to lessen anxiety?

Here we observe the physical link of how asana can ground the frenetic feelings of anxiety and create more freedom & breathing room in your body. 


Applying Yoga Philosophy

Yoga philosophy is ancient but offers many modern methods to work with the mind. Learn about the Koshas, one working model to understand the self as layers - the body, breath, mind, wisdom & bliss within. Each of our classes explores a different layer. 


Full Practices

Full-length Classes for Anxiety

There are five full-length practices (approx. 45 minutes for easy home use) which follow our specific working model to down-regulate the nervous system.  The classes themselves are instructed for all levels. The movement is intentionally uncomplicated. The classes require some basic props, but most can be substituted easily at home.



Class One - Grounding & Coming Home to Your Body

A gentle all-over practice, emphasizing feeling grounded & steady 



Class Two - Creating Breathing Room

Exploring breath & emphasizing the chest & upper back to reduce the weight carried on your shoulders.



Class Three - Witnessing Emotions as Energy

Releasing the hips while witnessing feelings as they arise & dissolve in the breath & body.


Class Four - Feeling the Wisdom of the Body

Understand the innate intelligence of your body, featuring lower back & psoas muscle release.



Class Five - A Return to Wholeness

Creating balance between each side of the body using gentle side bends and twists .



Short Practices for Anxious Moments

Short & sweet practices to come back to calm.

Here you will find 5 mini-practices.  Theses "ripple" classes are each just 5 - 10 minutes long for when you feel the swell or surge of anxiety arising but don't have time for a full class.



Portable Childs Pose

A short, sweet + portable practice to come back to calm.



Instant Embodiment

A calming body scan to come out of the mind & home to the body & present moment.



Back to your Breath

Breathe back into your calm center. 


Grounding the Current

A short visualization to ground any buzz or charge of worry.



Witnessing Meditation

Watching our thoughts & feelings with space & a little detachment.


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