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Connection Calls
for Teachers

Our mentorship has evolved into a new process - with SO much more to offer you. 

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" Quite often there is a lot of self-doubt and anxiety that comes with being a new yoga teacher. During a big transitional period in my life, Eva’s one-on-one teacher mentorship program was just what I needed to build up my confidence.


Eva tailored her program to fit my personal goals and availability. She took care in providing me with the tools I needed to begin to develop my signature offerings. She is encouraging, nurturing, and understanding. It was so comforting to have someone that has been through similar experiences to provide me with advice and reassurance. Her experience and solid knowledge of anatomy, philosophy, and teaching strategies are clearly reflected by this program. She is passionate about her work and truly cares for every individual she works with.


Even after we completed our one-on-one connection calls, she has remained available and willing to answer any questions that come up or provide me with any support I might need. In addition to skills for planning and teaching classes, Eva provides tools for prioritizing self-care by developing your home-practice and taking the opportunity for self-reflection. These exercises have helped me to care for myself so that I can be in the best state to care for others.


Through this program I have gained invaluable materials and advice that I will be able to utilize and re-visit for years to come. Eva’s light shines through everything she does, and I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn from her. I certainly hope to continue to learn from her in the future."


- Dalaine Kubik





"Evas knowledge and level of inspiration completely surpassed anything I had expected. Eva is an absolutely amazing teacher, and as soon as I saw the mentorship, I knew working with Eva was exactly what I needed to help me build on my teaching 

Each session of this mentorship contained clear and relevant guidance which I was really able to put into practice immediately.


Eva created a nurturing and supportive space that allowed me to truly understand her wisdom, knowledge, teach tips and guidance.  Through her patience and ive felt inspired to tap into my own creativity and help build my confidence as both teacher and business owner. The coaching sessions were invaluable and Eva was on hand throughout the program to reassure me when I wobbled! Having all the material from the mentorship means I can revisit it at any time I need to throughout my career.  

Added to this the referrals Eva kindly passed to me, and has been enviable


I believe it is due to this program that that my teaching is evolving. 

I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to take their yoga teaching to the next level because Eva really is worth her weight in gold!"

- Karen Goldman








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