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Peace is not living in a space with no noise, distractions or challenges, but finding our own inner calm within the world & lives we inhabit. The goal of yoga is to “still the waves of the mind,” calming our mental agitations. Hold the intention of carrying that calmness with you off your mat & into the day. 


Howlite is calming, helping to release anxiety & attachments. Lapis lazuli is a spiritual stone which helps to protect our energy & deepen our awareness. Clear quartz helps us to see more clearly & connect to our own internal wisdom. Amazonite, “the stone of truth,” brings compassion and helps reduce stress. 


Mala Kit contains...

  • lapis lazuli crystals
  • howlite crystals
  • amazonite crystals
  • crystal quartz
  • 108 rudraksha beads
  • three guru beads
  • two tassels 
  • one big-eye beading needle
  • silver & gold advent seed beads
  • strong thread


Includes enough materials to make two malas!
Very limited quantities of each design.

Materials primarily sourced from a small business in Nepal.

Kits lovingly created by @eva.maxine ðŸ™ðŸ’•

Shipping anywhere in Canada | $5
Shipping to the UK, Europe & US | $8

the Inner Peace Mala Kit

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