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Eva's teaching is known for the added depth of her reflective themes, lovingly crafted and connected throughout the complete composition of the class.


She has now designed this collection of 20 yoga class themes with class planning strategies and reflective quotes for you to thread into your own unique and beautiful yoga classes!


Woven with seasonal energies, thoughtful reflections and practical teaching moments, this collection of class themes is designed to inspire your teaching or personal practice all year. 


In this complete collection, you'll receive:


  • Twenty themes, untuned to the energy of each season


  • A gentle reflection on how each aspect plays out within practice


  • Practical prompts for each, including asana suggestions, embodied language, and introspective inquiries to enrich your teaching


  • Words and quotes to assist your students in exploring their mind-body connection and personal journey in a deeper more lasting way


  • The complete collection also includes resources from Eva's mentorship process on her step by step method to explore, construct, instruct, and embody meaningful class themes


Often the creative play of crafting themes for your studio classes becomes a chore rather than the energy giving joy we all wish it to be. It's hard to feel inspirational every day! 


Let this seasonal theme collection become a touchstone in your yoga library to craft a curriculum unique to you and your style, minus the overwhelm.


You can purchase each of these four seasonal volumes independently or as a full set here at a discounted bundle price. 

Seasonal Theme Collection | 20 Class Themes with Strategies + Quotes

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