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in the Douro Valley, Portugal  |  May 16th - 23rd, 2020

Navigating the Energy Body + Chakras

Yoga Teacher Training 

in the gorgeous

Douro Valley


50-hr  certification

with Eva Maxine Hamilton,


Cidadelhe, Portugal

MAY 16th - 23rd, 2020

50-hr Yoga Teacher Training | ENERGY

Navigating the Energetic Body & Chakras 

with Eva Maxine Hamilton ERYT-200, ERYT-500, YACEP

in the Douro Valley, Portugal | May 16th - 23rd, 2020

Course Description

Energy, by nature, is subtle & experiential. Unlike other physical structures of the body, while its presence can often be felt, energy cannot necessarily be seen or experienced in the same way as tangible matter. Yet, energy is an essential part of traditional yoga practices. Energetic systems have been studied and charted for centuries to help yogis cultivate inner harmony and navigate towards a state of illumination. 

But how can we work with and cultivate something that we cannot see? For centuries, sages and yogis have sensed and developed different "maps" to conceptualize energetic systems within and beyond the body. I use the metaphor of maps because it implies symbolic depictions that emphasize the relationships between space, regions and themes. As yogis, these energetic maps help us to situate our own awareness and expand our sensitivity to subtle energy. They can help us to interpret different physical holding patterns or discover new emotional connections throughout the body. As teachers, knowing these maps also helps us to express and share this knowledge with others. 

Join us for a one week teacher training immersion to expand your inner-awareness of energy and confidently translate this knowledge to your students through your yoga classes! This course will offer a broad overview of many different energy theories across traditions of yoga, as well as providing an in-depth exploration of the chakra system. Learn how to practically apply this wisdom and enrich your classes by skillfully theming and sequencing around the chakras & energy systems.

We will explore many overlapping energy maps & landmarks, including the koshas, vayus, nadis, chakras, meridians, bandhas, and more. We will also look at environmental and seasonal influences on our energy systems, including moon cycles and Ayurvedic Doshas. As we review each chakra, we will look at specific correspondences, including physical qualities, anatomy, asanas, emotions, visualizations, colors, foods, essential oils, crystals, etc... For each chakra, we will do an asana analysis of some key correlating poses and examine how we as teachers can plan our classes to balance & benefit each center.

Our learning will balance educational lectures and experiential activities with two daily practices, providing you the opportunity to engage with each energy theory within your own body. Our two daily thematic yoga practices will include morning all-levels vinyasa inspired by the chakras, and more restful afternoon or evening practices which may include more yin, pranayama, meditation and sound healing. 

This is an enriching week to inspire your teaching with new theories, methods & techniques, but also to connect with yourself. The chakras are also wonderful tools for self-reflection and discovery, and we will include space for journaling and personalizing the teachings.


We try to maintain the environment of a relaxing yoga retreat throughout a very full week of training, so you also feel nourished, connected & rested. We hope you join us at this transformative week of training!

"Yoga is a holistic practice that cultivates a connection between the physical & immaterial (energetic, mental & emotional) aspects of ourselves. The bridge or "architecture" of this connection between the mind, body, and soul is the chakra system. The chakra system offers us a rich and informative map to navigate emotional and physical patterns throughout the body. We can follow this map along a path to internal self-discovery, realization, or manifestation."- Eva

Course Content Overview

  • origins of the esoteric: the history of yoga + the chakra system

  • exploring & conceptualizing many different energy"maps," including...

  • the pranic body | pranayama & the five vayus

  • the koshas | sheaths of awareness

  • the nadi system | energetic channels

  • the chakra system | an overview of the chakra system & maintaining a healthy flow of energy in both directions

  • the chakras | an in-depth look at each energy center and its related physiology, emotions, poses, visualizations, sounds, foods and more

  • the bandhas | energetic locks

  • the meridians | introduction to Chinese elements & energy theories

  • duality | solar + lunar energies

  • environmental energy | moon cycles, seasonal energy & intro to Ayurveda

  • application | theming and sequencing around energetic concepts

  • two daily practices, sound healing workshop, interactive & creative activities, teaching practicums to receive supportive feedback and more...

Daily Training Schedule

7:30 - 9:00am | morning chakra-inspired practice

9:00 - 10:00am | breakfast

10:00 - 11:30am | energy theory lecture

11:30 - 12:30pm | chakra theory lecture

12:30 - 1:30pm | lunch

1:30 - 2:30pm | chakra theory lecture

2:30 - 4:00pm | theory or methodology lecture

4:00 - 5:30pm | or 7:00 - 8:30pm 

afternoon yoga workshop or afternoon break & dinner before later restful yoga workshop

5:30 - 7:00pm | Dinner


Retreat Environment:

Welcome to our home! | ​We are so happy to host this teacher training at our home in the Douro Valley, in the north of Portugal. We are slowly developing the property into a yoga retreat which will eventually sleep 12 - 16 students! The house sits on a working vineyard, with many gardens and fruit trees for you to explore. Much of our food comes from the property, including lots of fruit and vegetables, olives and olive oil, oh and wine. 


The house is 300 years old and features many traditional rooms. It is outfitted with a large yoga studio, complete with all the props to support your practice. There is also a lounge and indoor and outdoor dining spaces for students to enjoy. We also have a small plunge pool and lovely paths to walk with stunning views of the valley on your class breaks.

As the house is still in development in 2020, we are happy to make arrangements with the four-star hotel next door to us for student sleeping accommodations. The Douro Scala hotel includes a large outdoor pool, indoor pool & spa, gym facilities, restaurant and beautiful views from its elevation over the Douro. Both shared (twin) and private rooms are available. If you prefer to find your own accommodations nearby, we would be happy to guide you and recommend some nearby options. 


Our menu will feature vegetarian & plant-based foods made with love & often including ingredients sourced from our own gardens. You are welcome to pick oranges & lemons from our trees or forage whatever may be in season. 


Breakfast | ​will be provided at the nearby hotel, or at our retreat center

Lunch + Dinner | will be prepared for you at our retreat center

Dietary Restrictions |  We can happily accommodate vegetarian & vegan yogis. If you have a specific food allergy, please get in touch with us so we can plan a menu that supports you. 

Travel Details & Suggestions:

Travel Dates + Details | May 16th - 23rd, 2020

Arrival | Please arrive to the hotel or our area on Saturday, May 16th, 2020.

Enjoy dinner and a night to settle in. The course begins Sunday, May 17th at 7:30am.

Graduation & Departure |  Course hours & graduation will conclude before 3pm on Friday May 22nd, 2020.  Enjoy dinner with us and one last night to relax in the Douro Valley. Depart anytime on Saturday, May 23rd, 2020.



Transportation to & from the Retreat | Please note: rates below exclude travel and transport to the retreat, however we will guide you and provide options for travel to our area.  The closest airport is the Porto airport, which is around a 1.5 hr drive or 2 hr train from us.  


Our retreat is located in a very small town called Cidadelhe in the Douro region of Portugal. We are nearby to the towns of Mesao Frio & Peso da Regua. Even closer to us is a train station at a small town called Rede. There are many daily trains from Porto to Rede. If you can travel to Rede station, we would be happy to come & pick you up.

If you have some extra time before or after the training, Porto is a beautiful city to explore. The center of Porto is well connected to the airport by the Porto metro system. It is a cheap and easy trip to get to the historic & beautiful city center and there are lockers at Sao Bento (the main train station) if you wish to store luggage. You can also easily travel to and from the Sao Bento train station to our closest station (Rede), which is only a five-minute drive from our retreat. In the daylight, the train journey is stunning. 


If the arrival or departure times do not allow you to take the train, or if you would prefer to travel by shuttle, we can help to connect you with other traveling yogis who may wish to split the cost of the shuttle trip from Porto or the Porto airport directly to our retreat & home.

Yogis Traveling from Edinburgh | Ryanair operates direct flights Edinburgh - Porto from March to the end of October.  Currently there are good prices available for our May course dates. There is a flight on May 16th that departs Edinburgh at 10:35am and arrives in Porto at 13:20. The return flight on May 23rd departs Porto at 7:35am and arrives at in Edinburgh at 10:10am. You can choose to travel to and from the retreat by train (if time is available) or we can help you to arrange a shuttle with others making the journey to help share the cost. The early morning departure may require a shuttle transfer rather than train. 

Pricing Options:

shared room

early bird


 limited-time rate

(before Jan 31st)

regular price

regular €985

Course tuition inclusive with twin shared hotel & three daily meals.

7-nights accommodations at the local 4-star hotel in a twin room with a course roommate.

Breakfast will be provided by the hotel. Lunch & dinner will be provided at our retreat.

private room

early bird


 limited-time rate

(before Jan 31st)

regular price

regular €1285

Course tuition inclusive with private hotel room & three daily meals.

7 nights accommodations at the local 4-star hotel in a private room. Private Rooms can be booked for an additional €300 cost in May. Breakfast will be provided by the hotel. Lunch & dinner will be provided at our retreat.

course + meals only

course + meals only

special rate €595

Course only + light breakfast, lunch & dinner provided at our retreat. 

Please source your own local accommodations in walking distance to the retreat. There are a few airbnbs nearby and we can provide guidance on local options. If not in walking distance, you will need to rent a vehicle and feel competent driving the steep & narrow local roadways. 


Learn More. Save More.

For Yogis interested in joining us in Portugal for more than one yoga course in 2020!

Other Course Dates | Yin in July + Restorative in October

BALANCE | Yin Yoga + Myofascial Release 50-hr YTT in Portugal | July 11 - 18th, 2020

REST | Restorative Yoga + the Nervous System 50-hr YTT in Portugal | October 10th - 17th, 2020

Two Courses in 2020

Hotel Options | Book two courses with us in 2020 and receive a €100 total discount

2 Courses + Meals Option | regular €1190 | your special rate €1000 (save €190)

Three Courses in 2020

Hotel Options | Book three courses with us in 2020 and receive €250 total discount

3 Courses + Meals Option | regular rate €1785 | your special rate €1500 (save €285)

To book these deals | contact us directly. email


Registration Process:

To register for any of our YTT's in Portugal, please email and we will send you a booking package to help make the payment process smooth and easy. 

To Officially Register | Please transfer a €300 deposit

You are officially registered in our course once we confirm we have received your deposit payment.


A welcome package will be sent out to all registrants at least six weeks before the start of the YTT with more information on packing and travel. At this time, we will ask for your travel arrangements so we can try to help you coordinate your transport options to the retreat and share the trip with other students if possible. We will also ask about any dietary requirements and allergies you may want us to be aware of. 

Remaining Tuition | The remaining amount is due on March 15th.

Please transfer the outstanding amount before that time (your total training cost, subtract your €300 initial deposit). You may receive the Earlybird rate only if you book & transfer your deposit before the specified date.


Any bookings made after March 15th are to be paid in full.

Refund Policy | All deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable. 

If canceled 60-days in advance, only the deposit of €300 is non-refundable.

If canceled within 60-days in advance of the training, all monies are non-refundable.

Any Questions? | contact


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