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Enjoy my lovingly curated collection of yin, restorative, gentle flow, meditation, lunar yoga, yoga for anxiety and self-massage classes from the cozy comfort of your home.

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My live & interactive restorative YTT includes an in-depth look at the nervous system, detailed overviews of each pose, and my unique 160-page manual supporting you to become a confident restorative yoga teacher.


Become a yin yoga teacher, deepening your knowledge of yin philosophy, the science of fascia, & the Chinese 5-element theory. Learn how to design and teach safe and meaningful yin classes, holding space for your students to release into stillness.

Welcome If you’re seeking slow and soulful yoga practices,  to nourish your body, mind, and energy...  or in-depth yoga education to expand  your knowledge-base and teach meaningful classes…  ...You’ve arrived in the right space.

I'm so grateful you're here!


I love exploring themes, metaphors, and stories in my classes, so I’ll begin by sharing my yoga journey with you.


I first stepped on a yoga mat when I received classes as a gift for my fifteenth birthday. And while I remember feeling unenthused about the prospect at first, resistance melted into pure love by my first savasana.


The truth was I had already been grappling with anxiety since I was a preteen and this practice helped me to feel safe and calm. Beyond a physical connection, it gave me resources I could draw on to feel at home in myself.


And the rest just flowed without effort. I completed my 200-hr training at seventeen and began teaching in 2008. Then I studied Religious Studies in university because it allowed me to write papers on Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga, and mysticism. As soon as I graduated I started packing my bags for India and completed my 500-hr YTT in 2013 with Akhanda Yoga, known for their authentic approach emphasizing yoga philosophy and energetics.


When I returned to Canada, I opened a yoga studio in my small town and loved supporting the people in my community. But behind the scenes, I was still struggling with anxiety and feeling some serious imposter syndrome as tried each day to be a source of support and lightness. Yet, I knew the strategies I was seeking were already present within my yoga.


This led me to fall even more in love with yin and restorative yoga, which offered still, soft, supportive spaces for my anxious mind and body. Busyness came easy to me but the stillness was medicine. These practices were becoming precious to me and I knew so many people would benefit from classes that invite them to slow down and cast their gaze within. I began to seek more education on the nervous system and offered classes to the Canadian Mental Health Association. I continued taking many (MANY) trainings in yoga anatomy, therapeutics, myofascial release, and thai massage.


I was happy there for many years, but then quickly everything started to change. Things that weren’t meant to be naturally peeled away. And then one day I made an impulsive decision to step away from my business, sell my belongs, and move across the world to teach yoga in Scotland. It was the best decision of my life and opened the door to possibilities I never imagined. It wasn’t a permanent destination, but a threshold to traveling the world and leading retreats and teacher trainings internationally.


My love of yoga has evolved alongside my love of travel. My journey through yoga has brought me to the US, the UK, India, Bali, France, Spain, Thailand, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Italy, and now to my home in Portugal.


Here in the Douro Valley, my partner and I are fixing up an old vineyard into our one-day dream yoga retreat. When I’m not designing courses or filming classes, we’re DIY-ing our 400-year old home, walking our adopted dog/elf Freya through the valley, or harvesting and making wine (with some success).


My own yoga practice is rooted in transforming anxiety into freedom. Through my teaching, I try to help my students to do the same.


Yin yoga, restorative yoga, myofascial release, vinyasa flow, hatha, and gentle yoga are a few of the class styles I offer. My flow classes are attentive, emphasizing functional alignment without sacrificing the transformative state of flow. But while I enjoy the creative possibilities of a flow-based practice, my passion is to help people release stress and anxiety. I think my gentle energy is best expressed in my restorative & yin practices.


My classes are designed to be nourishing experiences that prioritize your unique internal experience. Through the medium of yoga, I encourage my students to foster compassion and curiosity… and then bring that energy to other territories of their lives.

Apart from asana, I am passionate about educating about the deeper mechanisms of yoga. I get very excited to talk about fascia & philosophy, anatomy & embodiment, recalibrating our nervous systems, and taking our practice beyond the poses.


To be honest, I’m much less interested in helping my students touch their toes, as I am in helping them feel less stress & pain and more joy & peace in their daily lives.

And as Yoga Educator and Teacher Trainer, my highest goals are to elevate standards of yoga education, increase inclusivity in the yoga space, and ensure that you feel confident and excited to start teaching what you learn.

... beyond a work-out, your body seeks nourishing practices

that relieve stress and fill your energetic reservoirs...

… beyond a standard class, your (nerdy) mind seeks learning

opportunities and informative practices backed by research and experience...

… beyond an insta-trend, your inner wisdom seeks

tradition, authenticity, and heart-felt sincerity...

… beyond anxiety, your heart and spirit seek

inner resources for peace and integration...

my yoga

(video by my beautiful friend at Genie Eye)

Trainings & Certifications:

200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher

Training with Yogrishi Vishvketu

& Chetana Panwar(2008)

At Upward Dog Yoga in Ottawa, ON

My first yoga teacher training was grounded in Vishva-ji's Akhanda (meaning holistic) approach to yoga, with an attention to body mechanics & balanced sequencing, while accentuating classical yogic teachings. This program provided me with the essential skills to teach gentle, moderate, and advancing hatha yoga, as well as prenatal & some therapeutic principles. I am particularly grateful for the emphasis on pranayama, yoga philosophy, subtle anatomy & meditation.

(I turned seventeen on day two of this training).

Signature Workshops

2021 Online Trainings

August 2021

Online Restorative Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training

Two-weekend modules

Part One: Sat & Sun, August 7th & 8th

Part Two:  Sat & Sun, August 14th & 15th

8am - 3:30pm EST | 1pm - 8:30pm GMT

 Book now via teachable. 


September 2021

IN-PERSON Training in Portugal

50hr YIN YOGA + Myofascial Release

Yoga Teacher Training at Cozy Yoga​ in Porto, Portugal

Part One: Fri - Sun, Sept 3rd, 4th, 5th, 2021

Part Two: Fri - Sun, Sept 10th, 11th, 12th

More information here.

August - November 2021

Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program

One-on-one & Group Mentoring | 16-week Program

Together, we will refine your messaging, 

design signature offerings, & cultivate a teaching career

that protects your energy and serves your desires & purpose

 Book now via teachable. 

"At our request, Eva Hamilton has developed and offered a "Yoga for Anxiety" class for a group of our staff and clients, on a biweekly basis for the last 6 months. Her positivity, compassion, and knowledge make this a supportive, safe & relaxing learning and healing experience. The takeaway coping techniques that she teaches are so our clients who are living with serious anxiety, panic, and trauma. On behalf of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Grey/Bruce Branch, we would like to thank Eva for her practical support, forthoughtfuless and skill. The group is a definite success in helping individuals working towards their own recovery."  - Melanie Knowles Reg. N,  Counselor/Case Manager, Canadian Mental Health Association - Grey Bruce helpful
When I say that doing yoga with Eva saves my mind, body, soul, and spirit I with no exaggeration. During the final months of my graduate program I was a mess. I was constantly in state of panic and anxiety. I couldn't eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn't sleep-I was barely functional. I decided to take a restorative class at the studio near my uni to see if it would help manage my stress and bring me back to myself. That class led me to take 4 classes a week with Eva. Each week I felt more at peace; heart openers made me cry less, I left class feeling hopeful and grateful. Eva would check in with me, constantly making sure that the poses worked for me and all of her students individually. By the end of my program, through practicing yoga with Eva, I was becoming myself again. She made the class educational and helped me to understand the why of yoga poses not just the how. She also created a truly spiritual setting-something that is rare to find in western yoga classes these days. Yoga with Eva is a philosophical practice as well as a mental health lesson and a spiritual journey. If you ever are blessed enough to take her courses I guarantee your life will change for the better. I am a better person because of her and even though I live across the world I still take her online classes as I have yet to find a teacher as magical as her." - Nikka Tahan
"I have practiced yoga for just over two years as part of a yoga club and have experienced many different teachers and styles. Eva is a wonderfully mindful teacher who has calmed my inner fire and managed to tame my stress and anxiety. I now don't only get loads more out of my day but joint aches and pains and stress-related symptoms are kept at a minimum bearable level. Namaste Eva. Sincerely, Naomi MacKay" 
"Eva is an exceptional yoga teacher who is deeply rooted in love and kindness. She exudes a calming and peaceful energy and it feels like you are being wrapped in her warmth just by being in her class, and listening to her soothing voice. Her wisdom and appreciation for yoga and meditation practices shines through. She’s accommodating and accepting to wherever her students are in their abilities and comfort. Eva goes the extra mile for her yoga guests, and I’ve never experienced another teacher that goes the distance like she does. She is hands down, the BEST yoga teacher I’ve ever had! "- Krista Lynn Meyers
"Eva's yin and restorative classes are like a well needed gentle hug for the mind and soul. They are beautifully thought through and delivered with such love and generosity that it is hard not to carry this out of the class and into the rest of your day." -  Halle Brown 

"The thing I love re Eva Hamilton's classes is that she creates an atmosphere that is both welcoming to all abilities, shows a lot of patience, knows when to offer demonstrations or prompts when needed but can also laugh at herself if something doesn't quite work out or something unexpected happens.  Eva is highly skilled self-confidence"I am 100% a challenge - not given to high around helping people and it shows in the classes and workshops she offers especially in reducing pain, stress and anxiety through restorative and yin postures areas where her knowledge really comes across.  I have found Eva's classes so useful and an absolute must for my calender both alongside my running/swimming training and to help with stress and anxiety issues when they come up and would recommend Eva's work to anybody." - Richard Mudie


"Eva is one of the best yoga instructors I've ever had. She gives off a calming, positive energy that makes it pretty much impossible not to let go of your worries. She starts and ends every class with carefully chosen, inspirational words, and she emphasizes self-care on the mat -- no matter what style of yoga she is teaching, it's all about loving yourself and meeting yourself where you're at. More than once, I've felt immense emotional releases in her classes that have brought tears to my eyes. I always feel infinitely better after having practiced yoga with Eva. She is a gentle, loving soul and truly cares about her students and their physical, emotional, and spiritual development. She is always taking new courses to further her own growth and add to her students' experiences. Her love for yoga permeates her classes and is easily felt. Being a "fast-paced" kind of person, I never really liked yoga that much until I took one of her classes, because I thought yoga was just a bunch of postures. Eva taught me that it's much , more than that -- it's an approach to life that stays with you wherever you go." - Lindsay Syrett


"The first time I walked into a yoga studio I was 52 years old.  I decided I wanted to give it a try but felt that I needed some private instruction before I could drop into a class. Eva Hamilton introduced me to yoga that day, and things haven’t been the same since! Eva is a skilled coach and provides effective prompts to assist her students with their movements and knows when a demonstration is required. She is also patient and quick to laugh when things don’t quite as planned, on the mat. Eva is well versed in many different styles of yoga and can masterfully blend philosophy and asanas.  Eva loves to help people. This comes through in her teaching style as well as the kinds of classes and workshops she offers. She has a particular passion for reducing pain, of restorative and yin postures. I highly recommend Eva, for wherever your interest in yoga may lie." - P John Zoll



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Eva Maxine Hamilton


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