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Welcome   to the replay of Class Planning Strategies
A Live Mentoring Call with Eva

This livestream will begin at 3pm on Friday, July 8th, 2022.
We can't wait to connect with you live. 



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Breath some fresh inspiration into your weekly classes.

We covered A LOT of ground in this call - planning personalities, yoga teacher burnout, sequencing strategies, theming frameworks, and lots of practical tools you can start weaving into your class process now.


Of the many yoga teacher's I've worked with, lots have reflected to me how much time and energy this process can take. But by engaging some simple frameworks, we can reduce this labour and ultimately open up more space to focus on the other areas of your yoga business or more self-care time to nourish yourself.

These are some of my favourite methods to plan my classes, with a gentle roadmap of intelligent sequencing and a compass of a heart-felt class theme. I hope they help to breathe some inspiration into your weekly classes!


We go into more depth on this topic in my yoga teacher mentorship, as well as covering so much more - like setting up your business foundation, creating unique signature offerings to teach beyond the studio, building a gorgeous yoga website that gives you autonomy of your online presence, marketing strategies and social media, anatomy labs and philosophy & appropriation workshops that give you space to ask every questions that overflowed out of your 200-hr training...


Basically, your 200-hr teaches you how to teach YOGA - the content of the poses, the background and history of the practice, basic anatomy, some sequencing guidelines, etc. But then it's sort of up to you to navigate the rest.


Then I come in and teach you how to TEACH yoga - how to build a sustainable career that supports energetically and economically as you build the yoga business you desire, planning classes week to week alongside the beautiful long term vision of your pathway as a teacher.  


Curious? You can download the PDF info package on the 16-week process here.  We'll work side by side from August to November in group and one-on-one sessions, narrowing in on the areas where you are seeking support in your teaching. 

Original Session - Friday, July 8th for a free mentorship session with Eva | 3pm BST / 10am EST

About Eva


With her gentle wisdom and vast experience, Eva loves to support yoga teachers to build their knowledge and confidence as they share the medicine that yoga can provide. 

Eva is a Canadian Yoga Educator specializing in the soft, supported practices of yin and restorative yoga. She completed her initial yoga training when she was just 17 and has been teaching full time since 2008.


She owned a studio in Canada for several years before uprooting to travel and teach internationally. She has remained dedicated to her continuing studies and has since completed over 1000-hrs of further yoga education in many styles.


Eva’s delicate approach is combined with an in-depth understanding of anatomy, the mind-body connection, and intricate workings of the human nervous system, all anchored in reverence for yoga as an ancient wisdom tradition.  


As a yoga educator, Eva is dedicated to developing programs and trainings that elevate the standards of yoga education and increase inclusivity in the yoga space.​

Her mentorship process is a culmination of this 15 year journey since she first stepped on a yoga mat. From root to rise, she will support you to lay the foundation of your yoga business and expand into new and nourishing spaces.

Eva absolutely poured her heart and soul into providing such a great experience for all of us on this journey.   From the online platform to the mix of  live one to one and group calls   I can’t even begin to put into words the amazing content and workbooks she provides.  The whole experience helped shape me and my business massively, and I feel like I have so much clarity now.


Yoga Teacher & Retreat Leader

in Falkirk, Scotland

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The Mentorship Process (see more info)

Begins Aug 1, 2022.

Only 8 spaces available.

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