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The next training I will be facilitating is called Stilling the Waves: Supporting Yoga Students with Anxiety. I've poured my heart into it, written a 100-page textbook, and designed four modules that you can work through at your own pace.

I've received lots of messages this year from teachers seeking resources to support our students better through the stress and anxiety we have been experiencing collectively .


How has the last year affected your students? (And yourself?) Do smaller stresses and triggers have a larger impact than they used to? Are feelings of agitation, overwhelm and burnout more recurrent?


Our nervous systems are frazzled and existing in a state of overdrive after so much uncertainty, discomfort, and fear.

How many of your students come to yoga to feel more calm, less stressed, and at home in our own bodies?


This training will offer you a framework, templates, and tools to help your students find that state of being - even in the anxious moments when sitting down on the yoga mat feels the most uncomfortable or even impossible. 

Does this training resonate with you? Let me know!


The launch date is yet to be announced BUT our presale will open soon with savings for those who step in first!


If you would like to like to receive benefits from the early-bird rate and be the first with access, please sign up to be notified here. 

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