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Yoga was never designed for the ratio of contemporary classes ( 1 : 20 )

It was offered as a direction transmission from guide to student, 
the teachings gently adapted to meet each moment of the

student's journey and support their personal progression.

Private classes offer a personalized approach, allowing us to fine-tune practice to whatever needs and intentions your body and mind require.

These customized classes are ideal for: 

  • Students encountering particular injuries or conditions (learn the best adaptations and strategies for YOU)

  • Progressing your practice towards certain goals (overcome obstacles, refine and develop your technique)

  • Accessing information beyond classical classes (in-depth pose tutorials or philosophy sessions)

  • Creating a safe atmosphere for deep rest (let go into gently guided practice and supportive assists)

Online One-on-One Yoga Classes

A connection call to support your practice, wherever you might be.

Book in a private class with Eva taught via zoom. 

Edinburgh In-Person One-on-One
(in a Private Setting near Haymarket/Fountainbrige)

Edinburgh location details confirmed after booking.

Book a single supportive class
or a three-session personalized program

Sign up for a one-off class or book in a three-class program to support your practice and progress.

Couples or Small Group Classes (Max. 3 students)

Want to share practice with your dearests? You can book a couples or small group practice for up to three people. For larger groups please send an email to to inquire.

Book your One-on-One

Please note: Bookings are subject to availability when Eva is based in Edinburgh. I frequently travel to provide international trainings and retreats at may at times be unavailable to provide such local services. 


Our cancellation policy: If an appointment is missed, canceled or changed with less than 24 hours notice,  there will be charge of cancellation fee (£40).

Three Class Packages: All three services must be used within one year of purchase.  

Once you're registered you'll receive a confirmation email. For online private classes, the email will include your booking link . And you'll also receive a reminder email closer to your class. (Not there? Check your junk & let your inbox know we're friends!).


Any questions or issues? contact us at 


About Eva

With her gentle wisdom and vast experience, Eva loves to support her yoga students find the unique expression of practice and poses that serve them as an individual. 

Eva is a Canadian Yoga Educator specializing in the soft, supported practices of yin and restorative yoga. She completed her initial yoga training when she was just 17 and has been teaching full time since 2008 and has since completed over 1000-hrs of further yoga education in many styles.


Eva’s delicate approach is combined with an in-depth understanding of anatomy, the mind-body connection, and intricate workings of the human nervous system, all anchored in reverence for yoga as an ancient wisdom tradition.  


As a yoga educator, Eva now primarily offers international yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings. But nothing replaces the connection of sitting down on the earth and sharing practice together. Offering one-on-one has always been one of Eva's favourite mediums of teaching, connecting moment to moment and allowing us to delve deeper into practice. 

"The first time I walked into a yoga studio I was 52 years old.  I decided I wanted to give it a try but felt that I needed some private instruction before I could drop into a class. Eva Hamilton introduced me to yoga that day, and things haven’t been the same since! Eva is a skilled coach and provides effective prompts to assist her students with their movements and knows when a demonstration is required. She is also patient and quick to laugh when things don’t quite as planned, on the mat. Eva is well versed in many different styles of yoga and can masterfully blend philosophy and asanas.  Eva loves to help people. This comes through in her teaching style as well as the kinds of classes and workshops she offers. She has a particular passion for reducing pain, of restorative and yin postures. I highly recommend Eva, for wherever your interest in yoga may lie." - P John Zoll


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