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Thai Yoga Massage offers a blend of assisted stretching, massage techniques, and relaxation.

both soothing and energizing

Thai Yoga Massage opens the body and encourages deep relaxation through breath awareness, gentle yoga stretches, rhythmic motions, and grounding compressions. An adaptable method grounded in anatomical and energetic awareness, this bodywork can be modified to meet each client's needs and preferences. Like a passive yoga practice, you can simply rest and receive as you benefit from movement, stretch, breath and massage. 


Benefits | 

  • Improving range of motion

  • Relieving sensation of tightness and tension

  • Supporting circulation 

  • Balancing energetically 

  • Invoking deep relaxation

  • Complementing your yoga practice

Origins | 

This practice descends from Thai bodywork method, influenced by ancient Indian and Chinese perspectives of the body and wellbeing. The massage draws on the Indian tradition of yoga to stretch the body and sometimes Ayurveda (the Indian science of life) to customize the massage for an individual's disposition. There is also an awareness of sen lines, the energetic meridians of the body (similar in concept to the channels of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine). Over centuries in Thailand, these systems have been cultivated into a massage practice and merged with meditation. Some even suggest that Thai Yoga Massage originated in the teachings of the Buddha's personal physician. At the heart of the massage is an understanding of Metta, a Buddhist term meaning loving-kindness. The massage is a wonderful opportunity to offer yourself a little Meta, nurturing and relaxation.

What to expect | 

  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for the treatment

  • It is advised not to eat at least 30-60 minutes prior to the massage

  • Please arrive on time to complete a short health questionnaire. We will begin with a brief physical assessment to discuss any physical concerns or health precautions before proceeding.

  • Traditional Thai Massage is most commonly practiced on a mat on the ground and props like blankets and pillows may be used for additional support.

  • We will find the appropriate pressure for your body and comfort.

  • Often termed "lazy-man's yoga," you can just rest passively and receive the benefits of assisted stretching alongside nourishing massage

75-minute Thai Yoga Massage in Edinburgh
(in a Private Setting near Haymarket/Fountainbrige)

Location details confirmed after booking.

3x 75-minute Thai Yoga Massage Practice

Multiple massage packages available. 

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