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Yoga Teacher Burnout  2022 Survival Guide (Email Header).png
Yoga Teacher Burnout  2022 Survival Guide (Email Header).png

Our free guide on energetic strategies for Yoga Teachers.

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Yoga teacher burnout. It's a real thing.

And all too common.


Yet, I've never heard of burnout discussed in standard yoga teacher trainings.

So typically we learn it the hard way, when we hit a point of exhaustion which manifests as feeling more apathy than adoration for the classes we normally love. Trust me, I've been there. 

So I wrote you a 10 step guide to re-ignite your energy and inspiration for teaching! I'd love to pop it into your inbox as a supportive resource for you. 

When you subscribe here, you'll also now receive my monthly love note for yoga teachers, including a new theme and class planning tools each month, so you can weave some new inspiration into your classes. 

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