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December Holiday Giveaway!

Design, Create, Meditate

Win a Mala Kit & Access to Our Mala Course


Malas are sacred (not accessories). 


I began offering mala workshops years ago in 2014, with an intention to educate on the origins and intended use of malas with reverence and respect.

A mala is  not jewelry, it's a tool for meditation. They are part of an evolving spiritual practice of nearly 3000-years, used to support meditation & the recitation of mantras.

As malas have become popularized in the West, so has the idea that just wearing a mala makes one more spiritual. This simply is not true! And as a result, malas have become very dislocated from their cultural origins and their meaning and method is sometimes lost. 

This is why I have cultivated Design Create Meditate - 12 videos & a workbook to empower you with knowledge of the history, symbolism, & meditative function of malas. We will also have a lot of fun exploring mantras, chakras, crystals & more.

Making malas and using them to support my meditation practice has been a beautiful part of my yoga journey. But I honour that these tools are not ​​of my lineage and my work with malas seeks to share their transformative potential with yoga students who want to learn more about their heritage and proper use with reverence and respect.  

The Giveaway

Enter to win access to my Design, Create, Meditate online course and a mala kit of your choice! (Value of over $100!). 

The Mala Course ​

You will be able to explore the origins, symbolism and purpose of mala beads in this self-driven course along with the techniques needed to create your own strand of 108 beads, that most spiritual and holy number. You will also be learning the history and traditions that have supported centuries of practitioners in a respectful way with a deep sense of recognition for those whom this treasure is their legacy. 


You will receive 12 guided lessons by video and a workbook to give you rich context and knowledge behind this beautiful tradition. My in-person mala workshops have sold out around the world and now you can work through this content at your own pace and explore your own journey.


The Mala Kits

Yes, you can purchase pre-made malas in shops and online. However, by creating your own mala, choosing the stones from what resonates with you, you honour your unique path.  Additionally as a companion to this course, I have also created several kits that contain the materials you need to complete your mala, if you prefer to go that route. 


Materials | All of the beads featured in these kits are sourced directly from a female entrepreneur in Nepal. 

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