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A journey is different from a trip - we didn't return to where we were before. We are each exploring our own unfolding path which leads us home or two a new state of being with fresh prespective & new awareness.


With tiger eye for willpower & direction, amazonite for authenicity & truth, howlite for calmness & peace & clear quartz for clarity & connection.


This kit contains: 

  • amazonite crystals 
  • howlite crystals
  • tiger eye crystals
  • clear quartz
  • 108 rudraksha beads
  • three guru beads
  • two tassels 
  • one big-eye beading needle
  • silver & gold advent seed beads
  • strong thread


Includes enough materials to make two malas!
Very limited quantities of each design.

Materials primarily sourced from a small business in Nepal.

Kits lovingly created by @eva.maxine ðŸ™ðŸ’•

Shipping anywhere in Canada | $5
Shipping to the UK, Europe & US | $8

the Inner Journey Mala Kit

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