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Moonstone connects to feminine energy, feritlity & balance (light & dark, yin & yang). Rose quartz is the stone of love, compassion & forgiveness, drawing on the heart chakra energy & helping remove emotional blockages. Amethyst is a very calming & meditative stone, related to the third eye & crown chakra - intution, oneness, & enlightenment.


Features a handmade tassel that fades to a deeper purple & a lotus charm that sits at the back of the neck. 

moonstone + rose quartz + amethyst mala

  • A mala is a traditional Indian garland or necklace of 108 beads (+ one, the guru bead), used a a tool for meditation (similar to the Western rosary). Not only are these pieces beautiful, they can assist you in engraining & actualizing a mantra & are believed to support your energy when busy, traveling or confronted with negativity. A mala is a reminder of mindfulness or your chosen intention that can journey with you by your heart or wrist throughout your day. 


    Each mala is handmade & unique, designed by Eva in Saugeen Shores, ON.


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