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Autumn Theme Collection | Five Autumn Class Themes with Quotes + Strategies


The first refreshing chill arrives mixed in with the still warm breeze, hinting at the energy of harvest before a familar process of release. In a final flourish, the colours grow more vibrant before the leaves release their grasp and fall into the soft crunching sounds beneath our feet. Feathering our nests for a long rest, we may feel gently pulled back within as the yin energy begins to softly overtake the yang.


Attune your yoga classes with the energy of autumn! This collection of five yoga class themes, each with class planning strategies and quotes, is designed to bring ease to your class planning process. 


Often the creative play of crafting themes for your studio classes becomes a chore rather than the energy giving joy we all wish it to be. With that in mind, I was inspired to craft this new offering for you-a Seasonal Theme collection that you can use as a touchstone in your yoga library.


The Autumn Volume contains: 

  • Five themes to match the flow and energy of the spring season

  • A collection of prompts for each, including asana suggestions and reflections on the vibrant lineage and philosophy of yoga, to enrich your teaching

  • words and quotes to assist your students in exploring their mind-body connection and personal journey in a deeper more lasting way


Let me help you craft a curriculum unique to you and your style, minus the overwhelm.


You can purchase each of these volumes independently or as a full set in a discounted bundle price (The Complete Seasonal Theme Collection). 

Autumn Theme Collection

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