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A nourishing free mentorship call for yoga teachers 
Learn how to hold safe space and teach meaningful classes, without energetically burning out.

Beyond the ingredients of poses, playlists and thoughtful quotes, what elevates a yoga class from a weekly practice to a nourishing a safe experience - both for you and your students?


While yoga teacher trainings will cover the alignment of poses and structuring of sequences, the skill of safe space holding is often overlooked. As mind-body professionals, our students often come to us with anatomical questions (better suited for medical professionals) or emotional experiences (sometimes needing more of a counselling environment). As a result, we can often feel overwhelmed navigating communication and boundaries, which all too often results in yoga teacher burnout.


In this free mentorship session, I'll guide you through less tangible but completely essential tools space holding of teaching yoga - including our language, teaching approach, class policies, nervous system regulation and more. This session in particular draws from the lived experience of teaching classes - content general left out of YTT curriculums, and yet so important to create a safe resonance for our students and a sustainable teaching process for ourselves. 


Join us for this free mentorship session on Monday, June 20th at  3pm BST / 10am EST - and receive gentle methodologies you can start weaving into your teaching right away ♥

I’ll also share a little about what you can expect from my Mentorship process, with a wee discount available to this session’s participants, but with no push or pressure to step in. ♡ 


I do hope you'll be able to join me! Just register below.

Limited space.

This call is interactive and you can ask questions and connect with Eva and a community of other teachers journeying together. For this reason registration is limited to only 24 spots so we advise registering soon to save your spot.

Can't make it live?

That's okay, just register and the replay will be sent to you the evening after our call. 

Register now ♡ 

  • The Subtle Skills of Teaching Yoga
    The Subtle Skills of Teaching Yoga
    Wed, Jul 20
    Free Online Mentorship Call ♥
    Jul 20, 2022, 3:00 PM
    Free Online Mentorship Call ♥
    In this free mentorship session, Eva will guide you through less tangible but completely essential tools space holding of teaching yoga - including our language, teaching approach, class policies, nervous system regulation and more ♥

Once you're registered you'll see a confirmation email with a link pop into your inbox. (Not there? Check your junk & let your inbox know we're friends!).


You'll also get a reminder email closer to the free session.

If registration is full but you still want to receive the replay, just send us an email at and we will make sure you can still get access to watch this session.

About Eva


With her gentle wisdom and vast experience, Eva loves to support yoga teachers to build their knowledge and confidence as they share the medicine that yoga can provide. 

Eva is a Canadian Yoga Educator specializing in the soft, supported practices of yin and restorative yoga. She completed her initial yoga training when she was just 17 and has been teaching full time since 2008.


She owned a studio in Canada for several years before uprooting to travel and teach internationally. She has remained dedicated to her continuing studies and has since completed over 1000-hrs of further yoga education in many styles.


Eva’s delicate approach is combined with an in-depth understanding of anatomy, the mind-body connection, and intricate workings of the human nervous system, all anchored in reverence for yoga as an ancient wisdom tradition.  


As a yoga educator, Eva is dedicated to developing programs and trainings that elevate the standards of yoga education and increase inclusivity in the yoga space.​

Her mentorship process is a culmination of this 15 year journey since she first stepped on a yoga mat. From root to rise, she will support you to lay the foundation of your yoga business and expand into new and nourishing spaces.

My mentorship journey with Eva was like the scare crow, the tin man and the lion all helping me on my yellow brick Yoga teaching journey, bringing me the advice and tools I needed to guide me on my next steps. So cheesy, but that's how it felt.


Being self-employed and trying to pave your way in the wellness industry can be incredibly challenging, pot holes of doubt and feelings of loneliness can surface unexpectantly.


With the group live calls and one-on-ones with Eva, it helped me feel less alone in my struggles and gave me the best advice to move past these roadblocks and build a sustainable business and outlook.

Lizzie McGhee

Yoga Teacher & Retreat Leader

in Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Mentorship Process (see more info)

Begins Aug 1, 2022. Only 8 spaces available.

Enrollment opens on 20 June | Early Bird pricing through 1 July

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