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Connection Calls

Yoga was never designed for the current ratio of a studio class.  1 : 26.

It is a deeply personal practice grounded in the experience of connection & union
(the literal translation of "yoga").

In the long-winding history of yoga, a student would learn teachings in direct transmission from a teacher. The teacher would share not only poses, but yoga as a holistic & philosophical tradition to support one's physical, mental & spiritual development. This personal method of teaching could also them to customize the instruction to the student as an individual. The name of the "Upanishads", one of the earliest foundational yogic texts, translates as "to sit down near." 
A student and teacher would sit on the earth together & unpack the meaningful teachings of yoga. 

Not long ago, as yoga was originally transplanted in the West, the style of instruction was designed to help students cultivate a home practice outside of their guided studio classes. The method seems to have shifted over the years, as needed to keep studio doors open. When we go to yoga classes, we are guided to breathe, learn poses, alignment and transitions 
and experience a little more peace than we may find elsewhere in our week. However, we are not always taught how to or encouraged to re-create & develop our practice at home. 

While I love teaching studio classes, I have always found that teaching privates 
is the most rewarding work. Simply put, you can go to depths that you just can't in a group session when holding space for many different individuals. There's a pure connection when you get to teach yoga to one person. If this style of teaching interests you, please continue to read & contact me.

I will also be offering one-on-one support for new yoga teachers, based on the work I have been developing for YTT programs. If you are trying to find your courage & authentic teaching as a new instructor, we can work together developing your message, refreshing on anatomy, designing sequences & themes, focusing your work on what's meaningful to you and attending to your self-care as a teacher. 

If you wish to sign up, there is no formal registration page. 
Send me an email -
Let's see if I can support you & how our schedules interplay (based on the time difference)



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