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Kitchari Inspired Buddha Bowl

Mmmmm Kitchari.... Kitchari is the ultimate Indian comfort food. With the consistency of a comforting stew, it is a healing staple food in Ayurveda. Ayurveda, yoga's sister science, is based on an understanding that each person has an individual elemental constitution that can be balanced through thoughtful consideration & cultivation of our eating patterns, lifestyle choices, and styles of meditation & yoga practices. During seasonal transitions, it is easy for the body & mind to move into a state of imbalance, which is often revealing in our food choices & digestion. During these moments of witnessing the shifts in our external environment, Ayurveda will often encourage balancing the inner

Refine Your Fall Practice: Building Balance in Transitions

As the warmth & spontaneity of Summer concludes & flows into the cool nights & bright days of September, more than any other time of year I feel an invitation to attend to the cycles of nature. The energy of a full & rich harvest commencing the last cycle of growth, gives way to a more internal & reflective opportunity to rest & regenerate. Yet rather than following the guidance of the natural world to slow down & observe, we often receive the energy of Fall as a directive to channel our focus into new projects, activities & hurried routines. Nearing Fall Equinox, light & dark come to their most balanced point, however we can easily feel the balance missing in our own bodies & states of bein

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