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Follow your Compass

My logo was designed by my amazing sister-in-law, Lichia (check out beautiful work at gotamago). I’ve had the imagery of a compass embossed with an om symbol in my mind for years & fell in love with her antique brass watercolour interpretation. To me, the symbolism of a compass as a metaphor in yoga practice has a few layers: Clarifying a sense of direction: My intention in cultivating this resource is to assist yogis in expanding their home yoga practice & offer not only asana instruction, but contextual & meaningful yogi education. In yoga practice, we each walk our own path, embracing each pose, breath & experience as unique. That said, we can sometimes feel a little lost on our path & i

India 2013

In my mind, I was always going to finish my undergrad then go to India & complete my 500hr advanced yoga teacher training. There were no question marks around this path. But there were a lot of them within myself at the time. When I look back at my six weeks of sadhana & study at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram, I am grateful for every moment, even (maybe especially) the difficult ones. Practicing silence morning & night, awaking at 5am for meditation & a two hour practice before breakfast & puja, preceding a long day of philosophy, anatomy & practicum… days were long, but the wisdom my amazing teachers imparted upon us was immeasurable. Yet, at the same time as I was absorbing all this informatio

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