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Stilling the Waves! Yoga for Anxiety

Hey loves!

Please take a moment to check out my newest passion project - Stilling the Waves Yoga (link in bio). It is very close to my heart, based on my own history of anxiety and past work developing classes for the Canadian Mental Health Association. Classes start March 10th! Follow @stillingthewaves ๐ŸŒŠ Stilling the Waves is a yoga resource for people struggling with anxiety - content to help you integrate the wisdom & benefits of yoga for stress & anxiety in an accessible, effective & meaningful way. Based on contemporary research, traditional yogic philosophy & personal experience, each practice is designed to help you recognize & learn from your experiences of anxiousness and then return towards a calmer center. My own journey with yoga started when I was 15 and was related to my anxiety. I had more than the average teenage angst & it was beginning to manifest as anxiety attacks. More than any external source, the inner pressure I would put on myself would result in constant fear, without the clarity of really understanding what I was afraid of. This continued throughout my university years & afterward when I traveled to India to deepen my studies of yoga. The inner work of silence & meditation made any fears difficult to suppress as the roots & impacts were becoming clearer. I returned home to the knowing that I had everything I had ever previously wanted; a caring relationship in a beautiful home and my own yoga studio to expand my passion into a real career. But the truth was my anxiety had never been worse. I was struggling daily to get out of bed despite feeling that I had all the ingredients for a happy life. My life looks very different now, but I am happy & less controlled by these feelings. At this moment anxiety does not have a strong presence in my life. When it does show up, I am able to look at it almost like a visitor. I can breathe & witness the familiar feelings, and know they too are impermanent. . After 10 years of teaching, I am less invested in helping a client touch their toes, as I am in helping them release stress & fear, breathe more deeply & find more joy & stillness within each day.

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