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Wall Yin Yoga

My favourite wall yin yoga class is on demand at! ✨ Please check out the online programs I created for us to share practice anywhere in the world 🌎💕 (link in bio) ✨ Stilling the Waves: an online resource to support anxiety with simple, effective & meaningful yoga practices. Includes educational content, full length classes and short intervention videos. ✨ Yin Yoga: my favourite classes to slow down and release fascia, including sequences for the elements, at the wall & for your feet. ✨ Restorative Yoga: includes tutorials, mini-sessions and full length classes. Prop improv suggestions & everything you need to create a home restorative practice. ✨ Lunar Love Yoga: mel

Happy International Yoga Day!

Happy International Yoga Day + Summer Solstice Today is the longest, lightest point of the year. And our YTT students are teaching their first classes! My heart is so full & proud. <3 So grateful I get to travel & share this practice!

Enlighten Up

In my first few weeks of leading yoga teacher trainings, we have often discussed how yoga poses evolved to help seekers find comfortable postures to meditate and find enlightenment. But sometimes I think we need this practice to drop the “en” and just be with the lightness. Lightening the physical pressure and stress our bodies carry. Enjoying our bodies & their potential. Adopting an attitude of play, where there are no expected outcomes and anything is possible. Allow ourselves to explore. “Let go of enlightenment and go for happiness” - #judithhansonlasater I’ve updated my website & newsletter at if you want to follow my travels & teaching 🙏💕 📷 @yogawithpiper

The Quiet Cave

Oh hey didn’t see you there 💜 Discovering sneaky caves in Mallorca beaches When you look at the yin yang symbol ☯️ the light half is the representation of the yang ~ the sunny hilltop suggesting our active, energetic, rational, visible and masculine side. The dark symbolizes an internal cave. It’s the yin ~ our receptive, surrendering, intuitive, unconscious and feminine side. Join me @greenyogainternational this month in #mallorca Spain to connect to your yinside and balance these natures. From June 25th - July 1st, we will delve into yin yang philosophy, energetic meridians, fascia and anatomy and bring in some myofascial goodness. I’m writing you a very special textbook. Care to join

Under the lemon tree

Under the lemon tree at our little villa. Staying in the cutest rural town in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar in Mallorca, Spain. Finally getting a tan after a year of Scotland. I’ve decided this will be my permanent skin tone this year 💛

Not a drop in the Ocean...

Not a drop in the ocean. The ocean in a single drop. My life is very full - by which I mean busy. I am still playing email catch up, while planning my current ytt classes and organizing my next projects. Trying to remind myself to slow down and enjoy this moment of time... how precious it is to have these experiences of really traveling and tasting life! But I still get stressed and overwhelmed at times. Here’s what’s becoming clear recently... over the last few years I’ve developed a very survival-based mentality. These were transformational years in which a lot of my notions of security peeled away. I’m fiercely independent and have a strong will to take care of myself. But I’m uncove

Yoga Teacher Training in Spain

Nerding out with my OMies. Talking psoas muscle, spinal curves and functional asana. 💛 In a few weeks I’ll be facilitating my own 50hr Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release course here at @greenyogainternationalashram in Mallorca June 25th-30th! And my heart is full that three Edinburgh Yogis are coming to study here with us! We’ll be in this beautiful yoga dome exploring yin/yang philosophy, fascia, anatomy, healthy mobility, holding space and supporting release. Still room if you want to join! All details linked from my website (link in bio). (Those are diagrams of the different shapes of spinal vertebrae... not baby turtles on the white board) 🐢

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