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10 Year Teaching Anniversary

Keep your heart full. Tonight mine is exploding. ❤️

Ten years ago today was day one of my first yoga teacher training. Ten years later, today was the closing ceremony of the first training I’ve run myself. Sharing the work so close to my heart with beautiful souls is all I could ask for. Plus it’s allowing me to travel & explore this incredible world. Tomorrow is my 27th birthday. I’ll be flying to Portugal to rest for a little while before my next training in Thailand. My heart is so full and grateful. To get where I am now I have had to protect my heart and then learn to dis-armour it. Let it empty & let it fill up beyond capacity of what I thought possible. Breathe into all of it and allow the tides. Over the ten years I’ve learned that my biggest obstacle is my own mind. But if stay close to my heart it guides me well. Thank you to everyone who journeyed to Mallorca to study with me and everyone who has supported my path.

Namaste. - eva 🙏💕

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