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Goodbye Scotland!

Will miss this 💜 Bittersweet goodbyes this week. Thank you to all the beautiful souls making my last few days in Edinburgh so special My heart is melting as I close each class. Very excited to get back to Spain!

Last classes at Tribe Yoga

Thank you ❤️ For all the love & guidance & kind words. For allowing me to hold space. For you willingness to stay present & feel inward & let go. For welcoming my teaching & supporting my path. Just gratitude & love. 📷 @yogawithpiper

Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s mental health awareness week in the Uk & today I’m so excited to share my @stillingthewaves Yoga for Anxiety workshop with so many of the students I’ve loved working with this year @tribeyoga My friend @mera.safar recently asked me the most insightful questions in an interview for a film project. One of the seemingly simplest lead to the most interesting conversation. How does yoga make you feel? My answer is that it makes me feel whole. It helps me to let go of all the stories I reiterate to myself about the ways in which I’m broken. It brings me home to my body, away from the fears or uncertainties of my mind. It really truly does. But before if can do that... first it has to make

It's all happening!

When the universe keeps aligning & you literally can’t even. 💜 Last weekend’s adventures with Piper brought us to #jupiterartland to an amethyst crystal cavern. It was amazing. I panicked. Amethyst is a healing crystal which protects from negative energy. It supports intuition, communication & prosperity. It’s name is Greek, arising from a myth in which wine was poured over clear stone. Associated with the crown chakra, it has meditative properties to soothe stress & anxiety... ....despite my initial reaction & expression here. 📷@yogawithpiper

Explore your Yinside

Surrendering 🙏 Come away with me & explore your yin side! I am so so very pleased to announce I am developing my first yoga teacher training program with @greenyogaindia 💚 Starting June 4th I will be assisting their 200hr yoga teacher training in Mallorca, Spain. Then from June 25th - 30th I will be offering a 50hr Yin + Myofascial continuing education YTT for dedicated students & teachers looking to deepen their practice & teaching in yin! Yin Yoga creates space for slowing down and returning to balance. While most asana practice embraces the yang nature of effort and movement, yin yoga embodies the complimenting qualities of softness, stillness, receptivity and inward awareness. In

Live by a compass not a clock 💜

Live by a compass not a clock 💜 Back to Spain in June. I’ll be assisting a 200hr teacher training in Mallorca & designing & teaching a 50hr Yin Yoga with @greenyogaindia 💚! So excited to spend a month in such a beautiful community & space! Then in August I have a teacher training in Koh Phangan Thailand in the works! More details to come. My heart is full & grateful that my life has developed in this way allowing me to travel & do share such meaningful work. Thank you to everyone who’s supported & nurtured this journey! 📷 @yogawithpiper

Back in Bonny Scotland

Spontaneous heart chakra glow. Funny how the camera can capture light the eye doesn’t see. Running away to the highlands & forests this weekend with some beautiful souls. Sitting in the soft moss in this wood near a waterfall felt so sacred & calm today. Getting clearer on my vision of what’s to come next. 📷 @yogawithpiper

Happiness in Barcelona

Happiness isn’t a destination It’s a way of traveling 💛 I feel like happiness is something we all seek and at the same time, something we can be subconsciously quite afraid of. While social media creates a highlight reel of our brightest moments, how we appear and how we feel can be two different stories. All week in class, we focused on santosha - contentment. Contentment is meeting the moment as it is with gratitude & joy, not desiring the fulfillment of our wants but appreciating how much we already have & are. How often do we really practice this? In our practice & in life, we are always trying to get further, deeper, stronger & more accomplished. Ultimately we are just as happy as w

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