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not for sale ~ my mala collection

Today for #malamonday I thought I would share some personalized pieces I've crafted at difference moments of my life to support my own energy & process. From left to right: - moonstone + crystal quartz + rudraksha + pearl guru bead with white handmade tassel & ganesh charm ~ to me, this mala represents a healing process through inner investigation, clarification, release & lightness - lapis + smoky quartz + lava stone + dark sandalwood with ombre grey/blue handmade tassel & ganesh charm ~ this mala is about presence & grounding; holding space with empathy & intuition but also maintaining energetic boundaries - aquamarine + turquoise + howlite + crystal quartz + rudraksha with white handmade

mala mondays

#malamonday 📿 Last spring I was living with the loveliest, soulful friend & we had had the best weekly ritual. Monday nights after my yin class, we'd play music, break out the crystals, curl up on the floor & make malas. It was such a grounding way to start the week. Mala Monday made that typically challenging day of the week a little sweeter. Malas are traditional meditation beads, a circle of 108 beads + 1 (the guru bead, representing a pause & moment of gratitude for our teachers). The tassel symbolizes oneness & connection, representing the thousand-petaled lotus of the crown chakra. Malas are meditative tools; the tactile weight & texture of the beads act as an anchor to the wanderin

The Heartfelt Difference between Loneliness & Solitude

I was once in a workshop with Bo Forbes where she compared the experience of sitting in your own quiet presence with walking into a vast, open cathedral hall. There's silence or soft echoes. A hollow, expansive space holding the sacred & peaceful residue of awareness... This image has always stayed with me. I love how we use language to express emotional & energetic ideas. As I sit with these words now, they define the difference between loneliness & solitude. Loneliness happens. I remember times when I wasn't living alone, but felt very lonely. It was an internal loneliness. I remember not wanting to take long car rides, even to visit dear friends, because I didn't want to be alone with mys

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