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Stilling the Waves! Yoga for Anxiety

Hey loves! Please take a moment to check out my newest passion project - Stilling the Waves Yoga (link in bio). It is very close to my heart, based on my own history of anxiety and past work developing classes for the Canadian Mental Health Association. Classes start March 10th! Follow @stillingthewaves 🌊 Stilling the Waves is a yoga resource for people struggling with anxiety - content to help you integrate the wisdom & benefits of yoga for stress & anxiety in an accessible, effective & meaningful way. Based on contemporary research, traditional yogic philosophy & personal experience, each practice is designed to help you recognize & learn from your experiences of

Body Type

Body type: - does more yin but still likes to flow - doesn’t decline tapas, wine or cheese (but happy to be living on an island with the best vegan food) - petite but powerful in heart & mind - happy (and that’s all that actually matters) 😊💜🙏

Thailand 💕

After a few beautiful weeks of Portugal & driving to France, before flying to Koh Samui... my mind is craving stillness, my body is craving light, fresh foods and my heart is missing a consistent practice. When I get somewhere new I have a sense of urgency to see everything. Here I have the peace of knowing I have time to explore. So I’m taking time to rest, enjoy serendipitous connections with friends and prepare for my next ytt. And just be happy & free.

Road Trip to Bordeaux

Back in beautiful Bordeaux. We made it. The car did not. Started in Portugal & crossed Spain & made it to the South of France. Traveling the world means learning that some adventures don’t go as planned... and yet can still hold delightful journeys & experiences. Especially if there’s wine at the destination. 🍷🥖🧀💕🙌

Manifestations Come True!

Surrendering to my journey 💜 {Disclaimer of new agey spiritual ramblings} I’ve always rolled my eyes when people would talk about manifesting & the laws of attraction. I would encourage people to work with intention & affirmations but really struggled to myself. I’d stress about logistics and fine-tune back-up back-up plans. ... I never imagined that in four months of my life I could live, teach & explore in four countries; Scotland, Spain, Portugal & Thailand. I knew my chapter in the UK was coming to a conclusion & assumed I’d just move home to Canada. Intellectually this made sense but my heart wasn’t settled. I couldn’t shape it in words then, but swipe to see the vision board I crea

Vineyard Life in Portugal

Rainy day at the vineyard. Loving these last few days in Portugal. Waking up in the morning, we pick oranges and lemons for fresh juice and have fresh eggs from the chickens. Feed the cats that break in from the roof. Then the baker delivers bread to the gate (he notifies you by exhausting the horn & driving like a maniac). Get lost in some project. Make a plunge pool from an old tank. Hang the yoga swing. Make a cake with left over oranges, rosemary & olive oil. Siesta & chill. Cook something from the garden... there’s a bird nest in the kitchen ceiling & they seem to like my fleetwood. Open a bottle of wine. Get lost in conversation. Repeat. Life is simple & sweet. ❤️

10 Year Teaching Anniversary

Keep your heart full. Tonight mine is exploding. ❤️ Ten years ago today was day one of my first yoga teacher training. Ten years later, today was the closing ceremony of the first training I’ve run myself. Sharing the work so close to my heart with beautiful souls is all I could ask for. Plus it’s allowing me to travel & explore this incredible world. Tomorrow is my 27th birthday. I’ll be flying to Portugal to rest for a little while before my next training in Thailand. My heart is so full and grateful. To get where I am now I have had to protect my heart and then learn to dis-armour it. Let it empty & let it fill up beyond capacity of what I thought possible. Breathe into all of it an

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