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Manifestations Come True!

Surrendering to my journey 💜

{Disclaimer of new agey spiritual ramblings} I’ve always rolled my eyes when people would talk about manifesting & the laws of attraction. I would encourage people to work with intention & affirmations but really struggled to myself. I’d stress about logistics and fine-tune back-up back-up plans. ... I never imagined that in four months of my life I could live, teach & explore in four countries; Scotland, Spain, Portugal & Thailand.

I knew my chapter in the UK was coming to a conclusion & assumed I’d just move home to Canada. Intellectually this made sense but my heart wasn’t settled. I couldn’t shape it in words then, but swipe to see the vision board I created in January with @yogawithpiper. It ummm... looks a lot like my life right now. As I look out the window just now at beautiful rolling vineyard hills in Portugal... and pack for a road trip to Bordeaux and flight to Koh Phangan - my heart is so full with gratitude. So I’m not sweating the details. I’m opening my heart & mind to all the possibilities this world holds. I’m realizing my worth & value & aligning with people & opportunities that embrace me for me and don’t take me for granted. And I’m not taking anything for granted either. I’m fortunate... but I’m also co-creating this path. Stepping out of fear and of all the “what could go wrong” conversations in my head... and into the blissful, beautiful flow of life.


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