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Happiness in Barcelona

Happiness isn’t a destination It’s a way of traveling 💛 I feel like happiness is something we all seek and at the same time, something we can be subconsciously quite afraid of. While social media creates a highlight reel of our brightest moments, how we appear and how we feel can be two different stories. All week in class, we focused on santosha - contentment.

Contentment is meeting the moment as it is with gratitude & joy, not desiring the fulfillment of our wants but appreciating how much we already have & are. How often do we really practice this? In our practice & in life, we are always trying to get further, deeper, stronger & more accomplished. Ultimately we are just as happy as we decide to be. For a while I’ve been seeking my “happy place” but I know that it’s not a location but a conscious choice & a state of being.

This weekend was just ok. Sunshine, beaches, boat rides, dancing, art and architecture, tapas and salad. Fruit salad. Sangria.

📷 @yogawithpiper .

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