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They're Not Rocks, They're Crystals...

When I first picked up Brazilian Fuchsite, known as the healer's stone, my friend asked "Are you going to buy that crystal?" Me ~ "I don't know how I ever lived without it" My crystal obsession kicked off three years ago. When I packed up my life to move to Scotland, my mom asked seriously how many rocks I needed to fly over the Atlantic? I felt this defensive teenage voice inside me respond "Mommm they're not rocks, they're crystals!" People also ask, like what do you do with them? How do they work? The short answer. You hold them. And they feel good. That was how I first connected with smoky quartz. I was threading mala beads & more than any other stone it made me feel grounded & calm. There was a joyful stillness to working with it. One of my teachers had also explained that he used #lapisazuli as an energy protection stone to be present with clients in yoga & counselling work & yet to not absorb & carry their energy out of the session. Some crystals absorb negative energy so we don't have to. Others act as conduits of healing energy or interact with different emotions through the #chakras . Different crystals have different resonant frequencies. Likewise our bodies contain expansive energetic fields, accumulating along different centres with unique patterns of vibration, density, colour & feelings. Everything is energy & the energies you collect around you create you state of being. This is why I play with crystals. Join me @tribeyoga this Saturday for my first #malaworkshop in the #uk & we will dive deeper into the world of crystals, energy & intention in yoga + adult craft time! 💕📿💕 📷💕@yogawithpiper

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