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Not a drop in the Ocean...

Not a drop in the ocean. The ocean in a single drop. My life is very full - by which I mean busy. I am still playing email catch up, while planning my current ytt classes and organizing my next projects. Trying to remind myself to slow down and enjoy this moment of time... how precious it is to have these experiences of really traveling and tasting life! But I still get stressed and overwhelmed at times. Here’s what’s becoming clear recently... over the last few years I’ve developed a very survival-based mentality. These were transformational years in which a lot of my notions of security peeled away. I’m fiercely independent and have a strong will to take care of myself. But I’m uncovering that when I follow my heart, I will be safe and supported. That I can thrive, not just survive. And that my happiness will never be linked to being perfect, but being me. 📷@yogawithpiper

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