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From Paris with Love

My heart is feeling so open from three days of taking myself to Paris! ​​I’ve always pictured traveling here as a romantic affair. And as it turns out, the last 72hrs were all about love. Feeling love within the walls of my own body. Witnessing art, architecture & beauty that resonates with the frequency of my heart. Eating the foods (and enjoying the wines) I love. Sitting in quiet cafes, reading & writing and sincerely enjoying my own company. I promise you this has not always been my experience. During my years of anxiety I felt so uncomfortable to be alone with my own presence. I remember once feeling terrified of a three hour drive to see my best friend because I did not want to sit alone in my car with my own mind. Self-acceptance, and beyond that self-love, is an incredibly messy, vulnerable and scary thing to learn. And I’m still learning it. We are surrounded by messages in our society of “not-enough-ness.” To see ourselves as a priority and as precious & deserving of love can be regarded as being full of ourselves - but consider that expression for a moment... why is it a bad thing to be full of yourself? To not feel lack or depletion or incompleteness, but instead let yourself be full. Full of our own presence, light, love & unique energy. Yoga is the realization of the divine within each of us. So let yourself feel full.

Sunshine & self-love made for a beautiful playful practice this morning in my little courtyard just before my flight back to the uk. My heart is grateful for this moment of my life.

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