The Quiet Cave

June 13, 2018

Oh hey didn’t see you there



Discovering sneaky caves in Mallorca beaches

When you look at the yin yang symbol ☯️ the light half is the representation of the yang ~ the sunny hilltop suggesting our active, energetic, rational, visible and masculine side. The dark symbolizes an internal cave. It’s the yin ~ our receptive, surrendering, intuitive, unconscious and feminine side.

Join me @greenyogainternational this month in #mallorca Spain to connect to your yinside and balance these natures. From June 25th - July 1st, we will delve into yin yang philosophy, energetic meridians, fascia and anatomy and bring in some myofascial goodness. I’m writing you a very special textbook. Care to join? Send me a message with any questions and register with Green Yoga! xo

📷 @yogawithpiper



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