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Self Care

Self-care isn’t easy work. Self-realization is incredibly inconvenient. As @yogawithpiper is always reminding me, yoga is a truth seeking practice & the things that aren’t true will inevitably fall away. Sometimes the best way of caring for yourself is saying no. And then take a bath with some roses & crystals.

I’m not teaching yoga today. Everyday I work to enforce this message: self-care isn’t selfish. It is filling our own cup so we give our energy forward from abundance, not depletion. Nurturing other beings fills my soul. My work is always based in nourishing & supporting people’s bodies, energy & emotions. And I wouldn’t do anything else with this lifetime... however it’s work that both gives & takes energy. So this is what I’m doing today. Spending time on my mat, breathing, moving & journaling. Taking myself out for coffee and an almond croissant. Getting my hair done and having a massage. Bathing with rose petals (nope, not kidding this is the plan). I think highly empathic people who lack care for themselves are missing the point. Encouraging others to take responsibility for their health & happiness, yet not enacting this ourselves is like saying that we are above the same care that we know all humans need.

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