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The Next Chapter

Some news...

One year ago today I got on a plane & moved to Scotland. I stepped away from everything that felt comfortable & safe and moved to a country I had never even visited before because it just felt right. And it was. It was probably the bravest & most loving thing I’ve done for myself. The amount of letting go in recent years has been heartbreaking, but has also opened me to receive so much more from life than I ever imagined possible.

And truth is... I’m about to do it again. At the start of June I’ll be leaving Scotland for the next adventure.

This chapter has been a very special one in my life & I’m so deeply grateful for all the people who supported it. The crazy, dedicated & loving collective of souls behind @tribeyoga and the amazing community of passionate students we teach every day have taught me so much love & helped me grow as a human being. I know this was all meant to be & my heart is full with gratitude for each connection I’ve made here.

I've had a lot of uncertainty lately as to where I’m going next. I don’t have the same pull to return home to Canada as before. But funny enough, when I start to doubt it seems the next wonderful invitation arrives. I’ll tell you more about that soon.

The coolest thing is now when I feel lost, I don’t feel anxious. Instead there’s the joy of continually finding & becoming myself.

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